The  Kokomo  Tribune
April 15, 1964
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          SHELBYVILLE, IND.,----- Fred Whitaker, 26, Shelbyville, suffered fatal burns Tuesday when a fuel tank exploded as he was cutting up an old car with a welding torch at the Shelby Wrecking and Scrap Co.
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The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday, September 23, 1920
          Mrs. Jennie Whitacre, of near Boggstown, received a telegram announcing the marriage of her daughter,  Miss Edith,  to  Robert Keith,  the marriage ceremony having been performed Saturday afternoon at the First Presbyterian Church of Akron, O.  Mr. and Mrs. Keith's engagement had been announced some time ago, but their relatives were not expecting the marriage to take place so soon, as they did not even tell their intentions when they left.
          Mrs. Keith is one of the most popular ladies of the county, being a very talented musician.  For a number of years she has been teaching school in this county.  She is a graduate of the Boggstown high school, and she also attended college at Winona Lake.
          Mr. Keith is the son of  Mr. and Mrs. William Keith, of Boggstown, and has many friends in this county who will be more than glad to extend their heartiest congratulations. He is now employed at Akron, Ohio, being in business with an automobile tire company of that place. Mr. and Mrs. Keith, after a short wedding trip, will return to Akron, where they will reside.
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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Saturday January 14, 1911
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Sensational Suit for Divorce
Filed In The Shelby Circuit Court
By Meiks & Hack, Attorneys, Today
Wife Nineteen Years Older than Her
Husband, Who Is Twenty Years Of Age
Married When Sixteen
          A marriage ceremony and then a separation of the newlyweds within a few minutes after they became man and wife, is not a very good marriage record, but it was certainly quite enough for  Joseph G. Whitacre,  who today, through his Attorneys Meiks & Hack, brought suit for a divorce from his wife Katherine Whitacre.  They were married May 17, 1907 at Warsaw and separated the same day.  Scarcely had the ceremony been pronounced when the wife in the case made the following threat to her husband;  "Now you, Iíve got you where I want you. I have the law on my side, and Iíll make life on earth a hell for you from this time on."  With this threat she told her husband she was going to kill him and he took sudden leave.
          When the plaintiff was fifteen years old, his father, grandmother and brother took sick with fever and the plaintiff also showed symptoms of fever.  The defendant was a neighbor of the Whitacre family and she informed the boyís father that she was going to take his son to her home and keep him until the sick people recovered.  The father gave his consent.  He was there three weeks and it was during that time the woman became infatuated with the boy.  During the three weeks the father of the boy died and he returned home.  The infatuation of the woman continued to grow and finally she asked the lad to marry her.  He refused, telling her that she was thirty-four, while he was only fifteen.  She continued to plead; then she threatened, telling him that she would shoot herself and people would believe he did it and he would be arrested for murder.  The defendant moved to Warsaw and she finally threatened the plaintiff to such an extent that he went to that city and the marriage ceremony was performed and when she threatened to kill him he left at once.  The plaintiff is twenty years of age and the defendant is thirty-nine at the present time.  There are many charges in the complaint but the  Republican  cannot give them to the public.
Wife Wants Support
          The above complaint filed today will remind  The Republican  readers of a suit for support filed in court some time ago by Mrs. Whitacre.  She alleged in this complaint that her husband has property valued at $700, is making $90 a month and she demands $750 and $5 each week.  She further alleges that he did not abandon her until June 17, 1907, one month after their marriage.  Mrs. Whitacre makes her home with her mother near Boggstown..  Mr. Whitacre teaches school at Lecurne, Cass County.
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