The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday August 31, 1911
(From Tuesday’s Daily)
          Alleging cruel and inhuman treatment,  Mrs. Stella Wise, of 197 east Mechanic street, has filed suit in the Shelby superior court thru Attorney Elmer Bassett asking a divorce from her husband,  Walter Wise, and the custody of their three children- Sadie, aged 13 years;  Herbert, aged eight years, and  Florence, aged six years.
          The couple were married April 9, 1898. They separated August 23, 1911. In giving details regarding the alleged cruel treatment Mrs. Wise asserts that her husband has called her vile and opprobrious names, most of them being too vile to be mentioned in print. She says he has told the children on several different occasions when she was trying to correct them that they should not mind the old fool, meaning her, as she had no sense.
          Mrs. Wise charges that her husband failed to provide clothing for her and the children and that she was compelled to support them by the fruits of her own labor. She says her husband wrongfully accused her of being untrue to him and that he has struck and beat her on several occasions. She says he kicked her and injured her hip seriously in May, 1911, and that he committed adultery with  Lula Copple in June, 1911. In addition to all this Mrs. Wise declares that her husband is an habitual drunkard. She says he earns eleven dollars per week and thinks she should have seven dollars her week for the support of herself and the children. She also asks twenty-five dollars as a fee for her attorney.
          The trouble that led to the separation occurred on August 23, and the day following. Mrs. Wise says her husband choked her on those dates and that she fears he will again mistreat her. She has accordingly had the court serve a restraining order on Mr. Wise to prevent him from returning to their home to do her harm or to dispose of any of the household goods.
Contributed by Barb Huff

The  Shelbyville  Republican
June 6, 1872
Notions, in Variety,
          At WILL  WISE's
South side Public Square.        
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