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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday, February 17, 1944
Page 1 and Page 6
Charles 'Doc' Smith, Ac-
cused of Attack, Hit By
Father of 12-Year-
Old Girl.
          Charles "Doc" Smith,  between 65 and 70 years of age, fell dead at the city hall at about 7:30 o'clock last night following a blow delivered by  Roy Zeigler,  35, of 307 east Hendricks St.  The dead man had just confessed to police the raping of Zeigler's 12-year-old daughter, and had implicated  Percy Weaver,  40, as an accomplice.
          Through a combination of circumstances, there was no witness to the blow which was delivered to Smith's temple.  Chief of Police Goebel  had just left the room,  Officers Maurice Moberly  and  Lloyd Mellis  were engaged in grilling Weaver and State Patrolman Elmer Cord  was looking on.
Zeigler Confesses Blow.
          During the brief moment Zeigler and Smilth were alone, Zeigler delivered the blow to which he readily confessed.  Smith had apparently died instantly.  Investigation in to the cause of death will be made by  Acting Coroner C. J. Price.
          Chief Goebel came back in to the room in time to see Smith fall.
          The chief of police said that prior to his leaving the room, Zeigler had voiced his bitter resentment to Weaver who was then being questioned by Officers Mellis and Moberly.
          "I'd like to break every bone in your body," he had said to Weaver, according to Goebel.  "Anyone can see that this man (nodding to Smith) is not responsible -- does not know any better, but you do."  Zeigler is being held on a manslaughter charge.
Smith Found in Shack.
          Smith was arrested when Officers Moberly and Mellis recognized him from the description of the 12-year-old rape victim.  He was found in his shack on an alley just off Pike street and readily admitted his complicity in the affair but at first withheld the name of the other man, whom the little girl had described as having "a black beard."  The occurrence was reported by  Mrs. Liza Gayheart,  aunt of the child.
          The two men are said to have enticed the little girl away from the corner of Hendricks and Center street where she had been playing in the snow, and to have conducted her between them to Smith's shack.
          No mormal charge ahd yet been filed against Weaver but he is being held for further investigation.  He had served a term for coal theft recently.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Indianapolis  Star
November 7, 1915
Page 69   Column 7
          Clarence Lee  and  Miss Ruth Zeigler  were married Monday evening by the  Rev. S. D. Hawkins.  The bride is a daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Zeigler.
Contributed by Virginia Latta Curulla

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Thursday, January 21, 1886
          Mrs. Mary McFarren,  of West Carolton, Ohio, sold her farm yesterday, near Smithland, to  Mr. Joe Zeigler,  and will return home to-day.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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