The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday September 27, 1928
          Brooding over the great loss and the condition of the West Indies and Florida following the hurricane disaster is believed to be the reason for the suicide of  Mrs. Aurora Boucher, aged resident of Edinburg, who took her own life Wednesday afternoon some time between the hours of two and three o’clock.
          Mrs. Boucher was found hanging by a rope from the roof of a small shed back of her home by a  Mrs. Collins, who with her family, occupy a part of the house owned by Mrs. Boucher.  She had been dead for over an hour, physicians stated.
          Friends said that Mrs. Boucher had read the newspapers constantly since the storm and that she had worried over the state of need in the stricken area.  That she was in fairly good health although seventy-five years of age and that she had plenty of money were facts established in the coroner’s inquest held early today.
          Mrs. Boucher was well known in Shelby county and was a woman respected and loved by all who knew her.  She was a member of the Christian church of Edinburg and her life was one of charity and good will.  No funeral arrangements have been made.

Thursday September 27, 1928
          Funeral services for  Mrs. Aurora Boucher, 80, well known resident of Edinburg, who committed suicide Wednesday afternoon, will be conducted this afternoon at the Christian church in Edinburg.  Mrs. Boucher was the aunt of  Mrs. Alice Drummond, of Waldron, who went to Edinburg today to attend the rites.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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