The  Shelby  Democrat
December 4, 1947
Wife of Roy Carder
Lived Near Marietta
Until Three Years Ago
          A former Shelby county resident was killed instantly today in a train-auto crash at Edinburg.
          Victim of the accident was  Mrs. Clara C. Carder,  of Edinburg, who with her husband,  Roy Carder,  resided until three years ago on a farm one mile south of Marietta in Jackson township.
          Mrs. Carder was killed instantly as she drove her car into the path of a north- bound Pennsylvania railroad passenger train at a crossing located at the south edge of Edinburg on the Johnson- Bartholomew county line.
          RAILROAD  OFFICIALS  said the crash victim, who was driving alone apparently failed to heed the electric warning device at the crossing and drove directly into the path of the onrushing locomotive.  The auto was struck squarely by the train and was demolished.  The train was passenger No. 315 and was northbound from Louisville to Chicago.  The addicent occurred at 10:00 a.m.
          Mr. and Mrs. Carder were engaged in farming south of Marietta until they moved to Edinburg about three years ago.  They operated a grocery store in Edinburg.
          Mrs. Carder, who was 52 years old, moved with her husband and family from Illinois to Indianapolis about 12 years ago.  She was an active member of the Jollity Methodist Church.
          Besdies the husband, she is survived by her mother,  Mrs. C. H. Freeman ,  of Edinburg; two sons,  Ernest, of Indianapolis, and  Leslie, of Libertyville, Iowa; two sisters,  Mrs. Orean Waugh, of Edinburg, and  Mrs. P. E. Cole, of Osceola, Ia., a niece,  Mrs. Wayne Johnston, Edinburg, and a nephew.
          During the late war Mrs. Carder and her husband were employed at Camp Atterbury.  Later, however, they moved to Edinburg, where they began operation of the Lincoln Street Grocery.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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