The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Shelbyville Woman Dies After Long Illness
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Greensburg  New  Era
Thursday, 7 May 1914
page 1
Greensburg, Indiana
          Mrs. Mary Doble  of Shelbyville widow of the late  Henry Doble  and aunt of  Mrs. Stella Green Rucker  and  Miss Margaret Drake  of this city died in her home Tuesday morning.  A son  Frank  a Shelbyville business man and a daughter  Miss. Addie  who has many friends in this city survive.
Submitted by Janet Isley Price

Thursday, January 5, 1905
page 8, column 3
          Albert Doble  died at the German Hospital in San Francisco, California, December 21st.  His remains were cremated.  Mr. Doble was a brother of the late  Henry Doble,  Mrs. George C. Morrison  and  Mrs. Elizabeth Moore  and a half brother of  Mrs. Thompson Frances  of this city and  Mrs. Joseph Drake  of Greensburg.  Mr. Doble was formerly a resident of this city.  He left here in 1849 and went to California, locating in San Francisco, where he has since resided.  Mr. Doble accumulated considerable property in the West and was one of his adopted city's prominent citizens.  His wife died last February.  Two sons, Robert McF.  and  William A. Doble survive him.
Note from Christine A. Doyle:
Erratum:  as it's really ABNER Doble.  And he was survived by both of his daughters, Elizabeth Margaret Doble Ferrier (from whom I'm descended)  and  Mary Virginia Doble Hill, as well as both of his sons.
Submitted by Barb Huff

Monday, February 17, 1890 
page 1, column 4
The Remains Interred This Afternoon
A Few Facts in the History of an Old Pioneer
          Margaret J. Doble died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. [Barbara E.] Thompson Francis, on Mechanic street, at six o'clock p.m. Saturday, February 15, aged 88 years.  The funeral services were held at the house at 2 p.m. today, Rev. John Reece officiating.  Cummins & Edwards, funeral directors.
          Margaret J. Nichols was born in Nicholas county, Kentucky, January 27, 1802 and came with her parents to Indiana in 1826, settling near Edinburg.  In 1828 she united with the Blue River Baptist church, and was baptized by Rev. Samuel Harding.  She was married to William A. Doble July 1, 1834, and they moved here in 1845, he dying in 1852.  To them were born four children, the first born, a daughter, dying in infancy.  The second daughter, Jennie, married  Dr. W. F. Green, and both are now dead.  The fourth, also a daughter, Melissa, is the wife of  Joe Drake, of Greensburg.
          Two years ago the venerable old lady made all the arrangements for her funeral, having her shroud made and expressing her desire that Rev. John Reece should preach her funeral.  Her last illness was of about six weeks duration, during most of which time she was unconscious.  She was a woman of wonderful energy and, up to the last few years of great strength of mind.
[Buried Forest Hill Cemetery] 
Submitted by Barb Huff

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