Shelby  County  Indiana


The  Columbus  Evening  Republican
April 10, 1906
Of Heavily Loaded Log
Wagon and is Dead
Within an Hour
Little Byrel Dugan, of Shelbyville,
Aged Five Years,
Meets with a Fatal Accident
While at Play in
This City Today.
          A very distressing accident occurred in this city this morning by which  Byrel Dugan, the five year old son of Mrs. Gertrude Dugan off Shelbyville, lost his life.
          Mrs. Dugan and her little son, Byrel, were the guest of her brother, Jesse Dugan, on Home avenue, and at the time the accident occurred the little boy, with a number of small boy companions, was playing on the sidewalk in front of the Dugan home.  At 9:15 o'clock  James Yeley, log hauler, was driving along Home avenue with his wagon loaded with one large saw log and when in front of the Dugan home the small boys that were playing on the sidewalk, including little Byrel, ran after the log wagon.  In the scramble to get to the wagon or possibly to get a ride on some part of it Little Byrel fell under the wheels and was run over.  His crushed little body was tenderly picked up and carried into the Dugan home, where he expired within an hour after the accident.  Dr. Arnold  was hastily summoned to the bedside of the little sufferer and on investigation he announced that two of the little fellow's ribs were broke and his lungs were badly crushed.
          No blame is attached to the driver of the wagon in connection with the accident as he is known to be a very careful and conscientious teamster and besides it is known that he was not in the lest aware of the peril in which the boy was accidentally placed until it was all over.
          The coroner was not notified of the fatal accident.  It was not thought necessary to do so by those most concerned as a physician was present when the end came.  The remains will be sent to Shelbyville tomorrow.
Contributed by Gloria Jackson

The  Shelbyville  Daily  Democrat
Wednesday, August 9, 1905
          Miss Flora Dugan,  daughter of  Mrs. Lucy Dugan,  died at 11 p.m. Tuesday, August 8th, aged twenty-nine years, eight months and twenty-five days.  Besides her mother, she leaves one sister,  Mrs. Charles Newcomb  and two brothers,  Frank and  Millard Dugan.  There are also quite a number of other relatives and a great many friends to whom her death is a personal bereavement.  The funeral will be at the Smithland church at 2 p.m. Thursday, August 10th.  Interment in Forest Hill in charge of Edwards and Hageman.  The Rev. J. O. Ledbetter will officiate.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
January 23, 1896
Page 3 column 3
          Wiley Dugan  died at the residence of his mother,  Mrs. Lucy J. Dugan,  in West Shelby township, at 8:30 o'clock p.m. Sunday, Jan. 19, 1896, of lung trouble, aged twenty-four years and ten days.  He was buried at Forest Hill cemetery, Tuesday, Jan. 21.  Services at the West st. M.E. Church, in this city, at two p.m. by the Rev. J. O. Ledbetter.  Besides the mother there are four children, namely  Milard F. Dugan,  F. M. Dugan,  Zana Nucam  and  Flora Dugan.  D. B. Wilson & Son have charge.
Contributed by Phyllis Fleming

The  Cincinnati  Daily  Gazette
20 Mar 1882
A  Woman  Burned  to  Death  While  Drunk.
Special  Dispatch  to  the  Cincinnati  Gazette.
          SHELBYVILLE,  IND.,  March 19. -- This morning, during the absence of her husband and family,  Mrs. Catherine Duffey  was burned to death.  About half-past 10 one of the chidlren a little boy, came home and found his mother lying outside the back door burned to a crisp.  Medical aid was useless, as the poor woman died in a short time.  It is supposed that Mrs. Duffey was sitting near the kitchen stove in a semi-unconscious state, caused by drinking, and while there her clothing was set on fire by coals flying out.  It is presumed that she had been burned about two hours when found.
Contributed by John Addison Ballard

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