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The Shelbyville News
August 10, 1948
Rites Not Set
          Funeral services for Wilbur A. Garlitch, 64, county native and local machinist who died Monday morning will be held at the late home at 103 Third St. in charge of the Ewing mortuary.  Day and time for the rites have not been set. Friends may call at the late home any time after 7:00 p.m. today.
Submitted by Melinda Moore Weaver.

The  Shelby  Democrat
May 31, 1894
Page 3   column 2
          Infant child of  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Garlich  died at their residence, one and one-half miles north of this city, at 6 o'clock a.m., Friday, May 25, and was buried at Forest Hill cemetery at 4 o'clock p.m. Saturday by D. B. Wilson & Son, funeral directors.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday July 18, 1889
Page 3 page 4
Over A Reprimand From His Son
Causes Him To Commit Suicide By Placing The Muzzle of a Revolver In His Ear 
And Lodging a Bullet In His Brain
The Remains Interred By The Odd Fellows This Afternoon
(From Daily of Friday, July 12)
          A tiny puff of blue smoke.
          Silence.  And the toils and trials of sixty-eight years were over, and the soul of  Jacob Garlitch  stood in the presence of the Judge of the Universe.
          Ever since the death of his wife, some six or eight months ago, he has been despondent, and his despondency had been increased by the fatal illness of his son, Thomas, who died just a little while before he committed suicide.  Yesterday afternoon the old man got hold of some whisky at his son  George's  house, where his other son, Thomas, lay dying, and took several drinks, for which he was gently reprimanded by George, who reminded him of the dying boy, and that his conduct was unseemly.  This seems to have angered the old man and he left the house, which is on the old Knightstown road, three miles east of town, and came to this city, where he remained a while and then started back home.  Just beyond the fair ground he met some neighbors, who told him that his son had just died.  He went to the home of his son-in-law, Stephen Winton, which is about three hundred yards this side of his son George's house, and, going in the house he got a piece of paper and a pencil and sat down to write. One of the family asked him if he was going to write a certain relative, naming her, and he replied no, that he was going to write to the best friend he had on earth. After writing a few minutes he secretly procured his revolver and went out in the yard, and lying down under a tree in the yard near the house, put the muzzle of the revolver in his right ear and pulled the trigger. His death was almost instantaneous. This was about six o'clock, and within half an hour the Democrat man was on the ground, and secured the communication which he wrote and which reads as follows.
July 11, 1889
Mr. George Garlitch,
          That lesson you gave me was of no use, that was the same as to you and your mistress that I was dead, you know my business better than I do, you and your mistress and "Sorrel Top" have everything you own.  God bless you all three.  I may have a chance to visit you all some time which I think I will, so be merciful to others hereafter. I got no friends to look after me only what little I have left, so take it and do the best you can, when you see this I will be out of your way, so good bye forever.
Yours Truly,
Jacob Garlitch
          P.S. I will never be drunk in your eyes again and I will say that I have always been a friend to you and the balance, but such a lesson as I got satisfied me that you knowed more about my feelings than I did.
          I want to be buried next to mother and Tom next. You may notify the Odd Fellows, I think they will help bury me.
Jacob Garlitch
          Deceased was a member of Shelby lodge, No. 39, I.O.O.F, and the remains will be interred under the auspices of the Lodge at four o'clock this afternoon, the members of the Lodge meeting at the lodge room at 3:30 p.m., and from there marching to Forest Hill cemetery, D. B. Wilson, funeral director.
          His son George, whose wife is very low with typhoid fever, is terribly broken up over the death of his brother and the sad end of his father.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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