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The  Monticello  Evening  Journal
Monticello, White County, Indiana
Tuesday, November 10, 1925
Will Be Conducted
From the Home On
W. Harrison Street.
WAS  A  BELOVED  WOMAN ----------
          Funeral services for  Mrs. Mable Day Hanawalt,  who passed away at her home on West Harrison street Monday noon, November 9, at 12:30 o'clock, will be held on Wednesday afternoon at the home at 2 o'clock.  Dr. J. G. Campbell of the M. E. church will officiate.  Mrs. Hanawalt passed into the great beyond after an illness that extended over a period of almost two years.
          Mable Day  was born in Brookston, Ind., March 8, 1878, and when still a baby her parents moved to Monticello where she has lived practically all her life.  She was married Dec. 24, 1905 to  Joe Hanawalt  and to this union two children were born,  John Milton,  who died when two years of age, and  Mary Elizabeth,  who survives.  She also leaves her parents,  Mr. and Mrs. John Day,  with whom she made her home, and one brother,  Evart G. Day  of Indianapolis.  A brother,  Earl DAy,  died last March.  There are many other relatives who mourn her departure.
          Mable's friends were legion being a friend to everyone.  Her loyalty and devotion to those with whom she was associated in business was unending.  She had a passionate love for all that was beautiful and artistic in nature.
          She was especially fond of flowers being surrounded almost the year round with some token from friends or from her own garden.  She was also a great lover of birds and in the spring time from the appearance of the first robin she would quote the language of the little feathered warblers suiting their interpretation to suit her own mood.
Member  of  Church
          When quite a young girl she united with the M. E. church under the pastorate of Dr. Brook, and was a very active member until failing health prevented her attendance.  She was a member of the Y.W.F.M.S. Missionary Society, also a member of the Rebekah and Pocahontas lodges.
          During her last illness she was constantly and skillfully attended by her mother and the memory of thos weeks and months is most precious.
          She was a woman of great personal charm and her love for her little daughter was ideal.
          She was trong in spiritual faith and many times said if her life work was ended she was willing to go.  She made all of the arrangements of her funeral even to the minutest detail.
          On Saturday she took a relapse from which she did not rally and on Monday noon while surrounded by her family and friends she quietly and peacefully slipped into the great beyond.
          Beautiful in life, beautiful in health,
beautiful in sickness and beautiful in character,
dear departed unselfish spirit you gave your all.

While we waited so still and quiet
Beside her at noon that day
An angel from heaven came
And took our darling away.

Suddenly the sun stopped shining
And the birds didn't sing so clear
For how could we do without her
The one we loved so dear.

Always bearing her burden
Cheering us on our way
Always smiling and helpful
Doing her duty each day.

We will pray that in heaven we meet you
For we know you will wiat near the door
To smile and welcome your loved ones
When their troubles cand cares are o'er.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  White  County  Democrat
November 2, 1917
          Thelma Lavoinnie Hanawalt  was born in White county, Ind., Oct. 19, 1904, died Oct. 4, 1917; she was converted four years ago and was ever faithful to her Savior.  When she was stricken the day of her death and was asked if she wanted a doctor, she said she would rather those around pray, seeming to trust rather in the Great Physician.  Her suffering was of short duration, for within two hours after being stricken she passed to the home not made with hands.  She had expressed a desire that she would not linger long and doubtless her Heavenly Father heard her prayer.  She was faithful to the Sunday school and Christian Endeavor, and the church service, always ready to do her duty as organist or in singing, or at prayer.  She was in eigth[sic] grade of common school and was making excellent progress.  She leaves to mourn her loss her father and mother and brother with many near relatives and a host of friends and schoolmates who will cherish her memory.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

The  White  County  Democrat
October 12, 1917

          Thelma,  13-year-old daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hanawalt,  residing near Bell Center school house, died very suddenly last Thursday just after noon iwth what is supposed to have been a rupture of the covering membrane of the brain.
          The child attended shcool that forenoon and was in her usual health.  As her home is near the school house she went home for dinner and ate a hearty meal.  When the bell rang for school to begin she started to go in with the rest of the children but suddenly became dizzy and complained of a severe pain in her head.  She was given permission to go home, which she immediately did, and her parents began the hurried application of such home remedies as they thot might give the little sufferer relief.
          The doctor was also summoned but before he could reach the Hanawalt home the child was in a dying condition.
          Mr. Hanawalt, the father is well known over the county, having served as assessor of Cass township a number of terms, and having been a candidate for county assessor two years ago on the Democratic ticket.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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