Shelby  County  Indiana


The  Shelby  Democrat
February 1, 1912
Elijah Hopper Passed Away
At His Home Southeast
of the City.
she Heard Him Suffering During the
Night, but Did Not Realize the
Seriousness of the Situation
Till Too Late.
          Elijah Hopper,  an aged man well-known in this city and county, was found dead in bed at his home one mile southeast of the city at seven o'clock this morning, the discovery being made by his aged sister,  Miss Betty Hopper,  who was the only other occupant of the house.
          The indications are that the unfortunate man had been dead only a short time, as his body was still warm when persons called by the sister arrived at the house.  It also appears that his life might have been saved or at least medical attention given him in his last hours had the sister realized his serious condition.
          She stated that she heard her brother groaning during the night and that at two-thirty o'clock this morning she opened the door to his room and called to him.  She said the only asnwer was a groan and that she thought him asleep and returned to bed.  She did not awake again till a few minutes before seven o'clock.  She then made the discovery that her brother was dead.
          Coroner Wells  could not be reached so the preliminary inquiry could be made, as he had gone to Indianapolis on professional business.  Deputy Sheriff Terry  and  General Campbell  were called to the home and the body was then removed to the undertaking parlors of Hageman, Hawkins & Hendrickson in this city to be prepared for burial.
          It is believed that death was due to congestion of the lungs or pneumonia.  The condition of Mr. Hopper yesterday indicates that such was the case.  He was suffering apparently from a severe cold and thru the day seemed unable to get enough water to quench his thirst.  The day before that he had been at work in this city shoveling coal for the  Schoentrup Bros.  It is said that in the evening he went home and stood in a tub of cold water to wash his trousers, which were the only serviceable pair he had for winter wear.
          Tho Mr. Hopper and his sister owned their home, which consisted of a shack and three acres of ground, they lived in extreme poverty.  The dead man was probably seventy years old, but no statement as to his exact age was obtainable today.  The Hopper family formerly lived near Geneva and Mr. Hopper's parents are buried near that place.
          The funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at two-thirty o'clock at the First Baptist church, the Rev. H. N. Spear officating, and the interment will be made in the city cemetery in charge of Hageman, Hawkins & Hendrickson.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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