The  Volunteer.
Shelbyville, Ind.
February 5, 1863
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          WHEREAS,  Through the inscrutable decrees of an all-wise Providence, death has again invaded our ranks, taken from among us our worthy and beloved brother,  WILLIAM  LINDSEY.  Therefore,
          Resolved,  That we recognize in thy mysterious dispensation of Divine Providence, the common fate of mortals, and are again solemnly warned of the uncertainty of life, and the absolute certainty of death.
          Resolved,  That while we bow with humble submission to thy sorrowful dispensation, we can but feel that we have lost an honorable, honest, upright and faithful Brother, whose name we are proud to enshrine in memory's casket -- as one true to Virtue, Friendship, Love and Truth, and in his loss his stricken Father and Mother, Sisters and Brothers, are deprived of an affectionate and devoted son and brother.
          Resolved,  That we deeply sympathize with the afflicted family and friends of our deceased Brother, and as a tribute of our esteem for our lamented Brother, we wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.
          Resolved,  That these resolutions be published in the paper of this place, and a copy presented to the family of the deceased.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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