Shelby  County  Indiana


The  Shelby  Democrat
July 28, 1898
          Acting under the advice of his physician,  Father Herman Mayrose,  about May 10, left Columbus, Ohio, where he was serving as Chaplain in St. Anthony's Hospital, and came to Prescott, this county, to seek rest and quiet, taking rooms at the home of  Mr. Henry Ronnebaughn.  Soon after coming to Prescott Father Mayrose began failing rapidly, and Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, passed away.  During his sickness he had every attention paid him, not only by  Mr. and Mrs. Ronnebaughn  and neighbors, but by  Father Kaelin, of this city, and  Father Stricker, of St. Vincent, whose visits were frequent at this bedside.  Father Mayrose was born October 24, 1829, in Lohne, Grand Dutche, Oldenbrug, Germany, and for many years had labored in the Columbus, Ohio, Diocese, or until about eighteen months ago, when his health began failing and he was appointed Chaplain in the hospital given above.  The funeral exercises will be conducted by Fathers Stricker and Kaelin, at St. Vincent church, Thursday morning at nine o'clock.  The interment will be subject to the Orders of Bishop Watterson, of the Columbus, Ohio, Diocese.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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