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Mr. Goodwin Was Nearly Eighty and Mr. Robb
About Fifty-Five--Funeral Announcements Later
          Morristown lost two of its most esteemable citizens when the cold icy fingers of Death laid her hands on William Goodwin and  Joseph Robb.  Each at that age in life when their influence was most widely felt news of the death will be received with a tone of deep regret by their hundreds of friends through out the county.  Mr. Robb died at his home there late Saturday afternoon while the demise of Mr. Goodwin occurred Sunday afternoon about three o'clock.
          William Goodwin was born on a farm in Hendricks township, on the Snyder farm where he lived for many years.  Later he moved to Fairland where he was afterwards elected to fill the office of township trustee which position he held for twelve years.  Mr. Goodwin was a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and he never lost an opportunity of hearing Mr. Lincoln speak when the Great Emancipator was traveling over the country.  During the irrepressible conflict Mr. Goodwin remained at home but he did much toward helping those at the front.
          Joseph Robb was about fifty-five years old, and had lived in Morristown for the past ten years.   He was a member of the M. P. church.  He was the father of five sons and one daughter, all of whom are married with the exception of the youngest son.  Death was due to the shriveling of the tube leading from the large intestine.  The funeral services will be held in Morristown Monday morning at ten o'clock.  Burial will take place in Ashbury Chapel.  The funeral arrangements of Mr. Goodwin had not been made and they will be announced later.
Submitted by Jill Knitl

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