Shelby  County  Indiana


The  Shelbyville  Republican
Saturday, December 3, 1910
Mrs. Lottie Owens Rodecker
Aged 43, Victim of Machine
Which Was Being Driven Be-
yond Speed Limit
Daughter of the Late William Owens,
Who for Many Years Was the Pro-
prietor of the Padrick House.
          Indianapolis, Dec. 3. -- Mrs. Lottie Rodecker,   a seamstress, forty-eight years old, 2728 Ashland avenue, was run down and instantly killed in front of 611 North Capitol avenue, early last evening by an automobile driven by  George D. Gardner,   2304 North Alabama street.   Gardner was errested[sic], charged with manslaughter, and was released under $10,000 bond, furnished by his father  Charles J. Gardner.  According to information given the police by witnesses, the machine was being driven at high speed and struck the woman with such force that it knocked her to the pavement.  As the car ran over her the body was caught in one of the wheels and dragged about twenty feet.  The car, witnesses say, traveled fifty feet after it had thrown the body to one side before Gardner was able to stop.
          Mrs. Rodecker was on her way home from the Thiele terrace, where she had been sewing, and it is believed that she started across the street towards Illinois street to catch a car.  The city hospital was called and the ambulance took the body home.
          Mrs. Rodecker is survived by one daughter,  Mrs. Robert Bunton,  with whom she made her home.   Mr. Bunton is out of the city, having been called to the south to attend the funeral of a relative.
          Mr. Gardner refused to discuss the accident when arrested.  In the machine with Gardner were   William C. Gardner   and   William R. Patton.
          The unfortunate woman killed in Indianapolis, was, for many years, a resident of the city.   Her maiden name was  Miss Lottie Owen,   daughter of  William Owens, who, for several years, was proprietor of Padrick House in this city.   Miss Owens married  Edward Rodecker,  a printer who worked on the Democrat with  J. H. Deitzer,  Edwad[sic] Toner,  C. R. Bruce  and  James Fleming.  He came here in 1885, from Peioria, Ill., married in 1883, was here about a year, and then deserted his wife.  Mr. Owens, father of Mrs. Rodecker, died a few years ago in Indianapolis.  He was a brother of the late  Mrs. Padrick  mother of  John Padrick,  of this city.  Mrs. Rodecker was here three weeks ago and spent an hour or two with  Mrs. Sindlinger.  She has a married daughter,  Grace.
          The who was driving the machine was, at first thought to be a son of  Charles J. Gardner,  who, a number of years ago, was employed at the Sindlinger meat establishment in this city, but an investigation shows that this was not the case.  The Gardner that worked here is now president of the Little Monitor Dressed Beef Co., of Indianapolis.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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