Shelby  County  Indiana


The  Shelbyville  Democrat
Thursday January 6, 1910
Page 1 column 4
Little Grandchild of Mrs. Emma Hamilton,
Of This City Suffered Tragic Death
At Home In Indianapolis, Yesterday
The Body Will Be Brought Here For Burial
          News of the accidental death of three-year-old  Mary Emma Row  at the home of her parents in Indianapolis was received in this city late yesterday afternoon.  She was a daughter of  Dr. and Mrs. George Row  and a granddaughter of  Mrs. Emma Hamilton.  The Indianapolis Star tells of the case as follows:
          Mary Emma Row, three years old, swallowed an ounce of carbolic acid preparation by mistake about one o'clock yesterday afternoon at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Row, 2015 North Delaware street, and died about an hour later in the arms of  Mrs. A. F. Kleinschmidt, a cousin of the mother, at the drug store of  A. B. Garr, Nineteenth and Alabama streets.  The baby had a mania for medicine and obtained the bottle of poison after climbing upon a chair and opening a chest, which the parents thought was out of her reach.
          Mrs. Row became frantic when she found the baby lying semi-conscious on the bathroom floor beneath the medicine chest and quickly wrapping her in what clothes she could find hurried to the nearby drug store thinking she might be able to save her life.  Mr. Garr and three physicians, who arrived shortly afterward, however, failed to resuscitate the child and she died before her prostrated mother and father.  Dr. Row reached the drug store only a few minutes before his daughter's death.
          The little girl was playing in the front room of the north Delaware street home and Mrs. Row and Mrs. Kleinschmidt were chatting near her.  She left then intending to go upstairs and get a shoe and screamed in pain and agony a few minutes later.  The empty bottle was found near the child when the mother and her cousin reached the bathroom.
          After Mrs. Row carried the dying baby over the ice and snow to the neighboring drug store, Mr. Garr administered antidotes.  Drs. Frank C. StewartE. C. Thompson  and  Louis Burckhardt, tried in vain to resuscitate the child.  When Dr. Thompson realized that death was unavoidable, he took the baby from the mother's arms and gave her to Mrs. Kleinschmidt, who held her during the last few minutes of life.  Dr. Row, a well-known oculist, was at the Methodist hospital, preparing for an operation, when the news reached him.
          Dr. Thompson and Mrs. Kleinschmidt, in an automobile, obtained at the Morton Place garage, took the baby home after her death.  The parents, knowing that the child had a mania for medicine, had taken the greatest precaution to put the chest on the top of a cabinet in a bathroom, and thought the baby would be unable to reach it.
          Mrs. Row formerly resided at Shelbyville, Indiana, and the body of the child will be taken there for burial tomorrow morning.
          The body will be brought to this city on a special traction car tomorrow morning and will be taken to the home of the child's grandmother  Mrs. Emma Hamilton.  Funeral services will be held at the Harrison residence on South Harrison street at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning.  Interment in Forest Hill cemetery in charge of D. B. Wilson & Son.  The funeral will be private as Mrs. Hamilton has for some time been very ill.
          The many friends in this city of Mrs. Row and Mrs. Hamilton were deeply grieved on learning of the little child's tragic death and extend their warmest sympathy to the bereaved mother and grandmother.
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The  Shelbyville  Republican
Friday January 7, 1910
Page 4 column 3
          The funeral services of the late little Mary Emma Row, daughter of  Dr. and Mrs. George S. Row, of Indianapolis, were held at the home of  Mrs. E. F. Hamilton, in South Harrison street, Friday morning at eleven-thirty, the Rev. L. O. Richmond, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, officiating.  The service was attended by a few of the very closest friends of the family.  Interment was made in Forest Hill cemetery.
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