The  Lewisburg  Leader
Preble County, Ohio
date of  death:  26 June 1961.
Son Of Local Woman Dies In California
          Mrs. C. L. Waltman  received word late Sunday of the death of her eldest son, Harlan Sabin, which occurred earlier that day at his home in Sylmar, Calif., near Los Angeles.  His death was reported to have been sudden, and followed a heart attack suffered shortly after he entered the house after working in the lawn of a newly constructed home which he and his wife had purchased recently.  Mr. Sabin, 34 years old, had suffered a heart attack some three years ago while he was residing in Michigan, his native state and where he had lived all of his life until moving to California late in 1959.
          Final rites were conducted at Sylmar yesterday afternoon with burial following in a veterans' cemetery in that area.  Mrs. Waltman and her youngest son,  Larry Sabin  of Dayton, left Tuesday noon by plane to attend the final rites.
Contributed by L Sabin

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