The  Daily  Evening  Democrat
Tuesday, October 18, 1881
Resolutions on the Death of J. H. Short
          Whereas, The Angel of death has entered our midst and has transferred our brother,  J. A. Short,  to the celestial lodge above.  Therefore           Resolved, That in the death of Brother Short we have lost a member who was faithful to the principles of Odd-fellowship he was firm and unvarying in the practice of friendship, love and truth.
          Resolved, That as brothers we will cherish the memory of our brother in our hearts and strive to still farther promote the principles of benevolence and charity.
          Whereas, the grand conductor of the univers has received our brother, J. H. Short, and has taken him from the darkenss and chains of the pr[can't read] cut existence, and has given him light and liberty in the great fields of light above, where benevolence and charity are universally present,
          Whereas, [several illegible words] practiced the [illegible] order, and was ever a true brother, and we, as a[illegible] are deprived of a worthy member.
          Resolved [illegible] lodge we extend to Sister [illegible] -ment and assure her that we will not forget the cause of the widow in her great affliction.
        Resolved, That our lodge room be draped in mourning for six months.
          Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to Sister Short and also to the county papers for publication and to the Talisman.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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