The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday March 21, 1889
Page 3 column 5
          John Storns, aged sixty-two years and married, was struck and instantly killed by passenger train No. 3. going west on the C., L., St. L. and C. railroad, Saturday afternoon at Fairland.  Mr. Storns, who is somewhat deaf, stepped out on to the main line from between two boxcars, and just as he stepped out the flying train struck him, breaking his legs and one arm, and crushing his skull.  Death was instantaneous.
Coronerís Verdict
          I, William Nelius, Coroner of Shelby county, State of Indiana, having been called to hold an inquest upon the dead body of John Storns, proceeded to view the body and hear the evidence in the case, and I find that he came to his death by being struck by a moving passenger engine on the C., I., St. L., & C. railroad while attempting to cross the track.
                    William Nelius, Coroner Shelby County
Shelbyville March 18, 1889
Submitted by Barb Huff  for Cathy

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