Note: Women are listed by maiden name.
Boys (front)
             Billy Lee Parker, son of Mary Feaster
             Hale Feaster, son of George
Front Row
             Sarah Alice Fay, widow of John C. Feaster
                Sarah Eck, dtr of Allie Feaster & wife of George Mitchell
                Mary Bates, wife of George Feaster
                Freda Deppert, wife of Gordon Feaster
                Wilhelmina Feaster, dtr of William & Bertha Feaster
                Modjeska Feaster, dtr of Jacob Feaster
                Jacob Feaster, son of Royal Feaster
                Leo Moore, husband of Helen Pile
Second Row
          Gladys McDonald, wife of Carl Feaster
                Doris Feaster, dtr of Carl
                Shirley Mitchell, granddtr of Sarah Eck
                Bertha Stark, widow of William Feaster
                Mary Feaster, dtr of William & wife of Roy Parker
                Stella Feaster, dtr of Warren & wife of Clarence Pile
                Charles Feaster, son of Royal
                Flossie Feaster, dtr of Warren & wife of (1) George Thurston &
                                (2) Charles Feaster
                George Thurston, Jr., son of Flossie Feaster
                Helen Pile, dtr of Stella Feaster & wife of Leo Moore
Third Row
             Carl Feaster, son of John C.
                Susan Feaster, dtr of Leander & wife of Jess Giles
                Mabel Feaster, dtr of John C.
                Clarence Pile, husband of Stella
                George Feaster, son of Leander
                Gordon Feaster, son of John C.
                George Mitchell, husband of Sarah Eck

Picture submitted by  Don T. Mitchell

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