Schools  of  Shelby  County, Indiana
Brandywine  Township

Fairland  High  School
Graduating  Class  of  1955

(Not in order above)

Larger pictures available here:
O. C. Harrell, Principal
Franklin Cherry
, Vice President
Annette Chueden
Cecil R. Miller

John S. Leap
Patricia Collins
Helen Joyce Hayes
Edith Hertzer

Maurice Harter, 
Coach, Social Studies
Donald Purcell
Wilma Weinke
Claudia Vance
Home Economics, Music
Carl Scheffler,  Trustee
Rita Farris
,  President
Janet Barger

Ernest Copple, Sponsor
Marilyn Hargrove, Secretary
Elizabeth Downey

Lois Bottom
James Robert Huber
Emma Louise Hiatt,  English and Latin
Donnel L. Dean

Contributed by Barb Huff

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