Shelby  County,  Indiana

Greenlee  Family  Album

This was in my great grandmothers things.  I am pretty positive it is William Greenlee  and  Missouri Perkins  (her aunt) with their children, Clyde,  Claud,  Pleas,  Chase,  Edith  and  Alice.  The picture has the studio "Orebaugh Shelbyville, Ind." engraved in the bottom of the frame.  It is my great-grandmother's only Shelbyville connection and after doing quite a bit of research it is a perfect match for this family given the birth dates. etc. Enjoy!  Terri Stevens

I have the original, but some of the names [given by Terri] are not correct. The two sisters are  Mable Greenlee-Monfort  and  Margurite Greenlee.  The men are  William B. Greenlee: father;  Pleas,  Claude, Chase,  Harry, Clyde  and   Bob: sons; and  Missouri Perkins-Greenlee, mother.  Pleas was my father and William B. was my grandfather.  Mable and  Margurite were my aunts.  Missouri was my grandmother. I know what happened to all of these people if anyone is interested.  William Edwards Greenlee
Photograph contributed by Terri Stevens

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