Liberty  Township,  1910
Shelby  County,  Indiana

Pictures of the people in 1st and 2nd rowsLorene Cochran,  Frank McKay,  Hazel Armstrong,  Hazel Ross,  Tressie Sanders Eck,  J. Thomas King,  Grace Lee Weintraut Drake,  Lola Fox

Pictures of people in 3rd through 5th rowsMarie Norris Williams,  Chez Marshall,  Edith McKay,  Elbert Jeffries,  Edna Russell Reed,  Hattie Howard Haymond Hungate,  Frank Beyer,  Dorothy Marshall,  Edwin Haymond,  Eunice Lantz Keeling,  Orla Archey,  Fay Ensminger Stader Reed,  Emmett Ross,  Victoria Firsich,  Carl Peek

Contributed by Larry Eck

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