Forest Hill Cemetery,  Shelbyville,

Addison Twp,  Shelby County, Indiana

Morris Avenue, Shelbyville, IN
Submitted by Bob Gordon

The  Shelbyville  News
Monday, July 7, 1952
Page 1
          The ancient cast iron gates at the entrance to Forest Hill cemetery, one of the community's landmarks, were being torn down today and motorists probably will welcome the move.  Officials said the gates, which have been the consternation of many motorists for many years, were built in the days of the horse and buggy and modern-day vehicles are nearly unmanageable in approaching them.
          Sheldon Keith, cemetery superintendent, told  The News  today that he had received many complaints about the gates and that it was decided to tear them down and enhance the entrance to the big cemetery.
          While the work of tearing the gates down got under way this morning, Keith said that definite plans as to how the entrance would be remodeled had not yet been completed, and added that plans for disposing of the gates had not been made.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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