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Davis Birely Table Company,  250 Elizabeth Street,  1901-1938
In 1942, National Farm Machinery Co Co-Op bought the building.
In 1952, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co bought the building complex.
In 1978, Knauf Fiber Glass began operations here.

The  Shelby  Democrat
January 15, 1925
Page 5,  Column 2
           The Davis-Birely Table Co., oldest furniture manufacturing concern in Shelbyville, known as the Furniture City of the "Middle West," has featured the fortieth year of its business activities by establishing a group insurance program for its employees.  Issued on a cooperative basis, where by the employer and employes jointly pay the premiums, the insurance went into effect shortly before Xmas.  More than 95 per cent of the workers are covered for a total of $187,000 life protection, and health and accident insurance carrying individual benefits of $8 a week for a maximum period of 26 weeks.  Each insured employee has $1,000 life insurance protection.
          Of the employes insured, 100 have been with the Davis-Birley Co. 16 years or more, while 15 of the number have been in the company's employe 30 years.  The owners, officers and foremen have all risen to their present positions from the ranks.
          Supplementing the actual provisions of the policy are certain service features arranged by the insurance company for its group policy holders.  These include a free visiting nurse service and the distribution of health booklets.
          In announcing the group program,  Charles Birely, president f the company, explained that while it has been the policy fo the Davis-Birely company to avoid attempting to control employes' earnings, or to divert to benefit plans or welfare work sums which otherwise might find their way into the pay envelope, it seems, however, to our plain duty to provide not only the most efficient equipment and methods, but to offer freely to our employes the advantages which our position as employer gives to us.
          "In line with this thought, the offer we are making you today is an offer of protection, which no individual could possibly buy for himself at anything like the cost and which a great many individuals can not buy for themselves at any price because of the condition of their health."
          "We feel that it represents a wonderful opportunity for every employe and we are glad to pay our share of the cost."
          The Davis-Birley Table Co., was organized in July 1884.  Its first weekly payroll has grown from $16.60 to $6,000.  At the beginning of operations the plant occupied 1,000 square feet of floor space.  To carry on the company's business now requires three large buildings, four stories high, while the buildings and yard cover five acres.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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