~     The  Watson  Collection     ~

The following collection of photographs
originally belonged to  Minoda Watson,
of Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana.

Our thanks to Dave Richey for finding and
purchasing the collection and the many hours
spent scanning the photographs and making
the images available to us.  On the following
pages, I have included only a very small por-
tion, reduced size, of each photograph.  The
original images range in size from 250KB to
3MB.  I will be more than happy to email
any of the full, original scans upon request.
If anyone has additional information to add
to any of these pictures, please contact me
- PMF.

Minoda Watson

The majority of the photographs listed below have been placed in the "Watson Family Album",
which can be accessed from the Picture Gallery index page.  Others have been placed in
existing family albums (ex:  Parrish, Jackson, Meiks), but each page listed below should have
a link that will bring you back to this index page.

Elizabeth Jackson Adams
Martha Ann Peyton Butler
Dell & Marb Clark
George Washington Clark
Uncle Bill Clark and family
Amanda Reichert Payton Collins
Wiley & Lena Collins
Mrs Meranda Cutter
Glen or William Davis
Olive Jane Meiks Davis
Ollie Davis
Jessie Yarling Devening
Harvey Duff
Sue Carr Duff
James Greene
Mary Clarke Greene
Green's 60th Wedding Anniv Party
Opal & Lois Hollingsworth
Bill Jackson
Eliza Parrish Jackson
Mary Anice Watson Jackson
Mr & Mrs King
Dr Jim Kirkpatrick
Helen Kirkpatrick
Nancy Amanda Meeks Kirkpatrick
Anderson Monroe Meeks
George Meeks
Jacob Meiks
Jessie & Harry Meiks
Nancy Webb Meeks
Carrie Yarling Moberly
Back Ellen Payton Myers
Ellen Payton Myers, John & children, Centerville, Iowa
Lewis Parrish
Dr Willard Parrish
Unknown group of five in McCook, Nebraska
Unknown group of four girls
Unknown lady from Shelbyville
Branche Watson
Elizabeth Clark Watson
Elizabeth Monroe Watson
Elizabeth Watson
George Edwin Watson
Isaac Watson
John Watson
M Muriel Watson
Mary Ellen Carr Watson
Minoda Watson (see top of this page)
Vina Watson
William R Watson
Flora Watson Wood
Mildred & Charlie Woods
Connie & Tim Yarling
Jacob Yarling
John & Jane Yarling
William Yarling

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