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Hiram Banks

Hanna Barker

Philip D. Barwick

Joseph B. Boon

Bertha J. Braley
Earl B. Braley
John &
Perlina Bumgarner

Robert P. Chappelow

Norma R. &
Edgar A. Clark
  Anderson Collins

Elias Collins
James Cooper
Nellie R. Crossman
       Cecelia Davidson

John M. Dodds

Perry P. Dodds
Isaac Fleming
Wayne Galloway
George W. Garrison
Gladys & 
Clyde Hamilton

Dorothy &
James Hare

Lula V. &
Kenneth A. Hiatt

Catharine Hill

James Hill

John Hill

Mary Hill

Zachariah &
Melinda Hulsopple


Alan Johnson

Miranda Kennedy
Peter Kennedy

C. Lamar

Stephen B. &
Martha J. Mann

Betty Marks

Evajene Marks

Mildred O. &
Abe Marks

Mary E. McKenney

Fielding Mitchell

Christian Mohr

Emeline Murphy

Sarah J. Murphy

Sophia E. Murphy
Samuel Murphy

Amanda E &
Alfred P. Nelis

Thomas Oldham

Fannie Mae [Orphan]

William Parrish

Memory Phillips

William E. &
Mary S. Phillips

Robert Porterfield

Julia E. &
Francis M. Redd

Louisana Ross

William A. Ross

Julianna Salla

Katie Salla


Comfort Selby

Elijah P. Smith

Debbie Toner

Edward Toner

William Updegraff

A. J. Vanlue

Edward Everette Walton

Selah Warble

Alonzo Weaver, Jr.

Everett J. Williams

John H. Williams

Joseph R. Williams

Lafayette Williams

Robert E Williams (two) &
Maverne Mae Williams Martin 

Rosabell Williams

Contributed by Charlene Hare Reese Smith

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