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Matthew  Brown,  a native of Ireland, was born in the year 1753, but emigrated to Ohio from South Carolina, and settled, in 1803, on the farm now owned by  John Baughman,  in Harrison.  He was a farmer by occupation, a Democrat in politics.  His wife was  Jane  Jones,  a native of South Carolina.  She had eight children:  Nancy,  married to  Samuel  Harlan,  and living in Indiana;  David,  married to  Susan  Glidwell  [should be Glidewell-RW], and also in Indiana;  Katie,  the wife of George  Harlan,  and living in Iowa;  Robert,  married to  Katie  Cotton,  also in Indiana;  Samuel,  married to  Betsy  Atherton, and living in Indiana;  Sarah,  the wife of  Thomas  Goulding  [should be Golding], of Indiana;  Betsy,  married to  Isaac  Ferris  [should be Phares-RW], and residing in Hamilton County; and  John,  married to  Sarah  Herm  [should be Herrin-RW], of the same county.
History of Hamilton County, Ohio, by Ford, in 1881, p 315.
Submitted by Richard Weightman

Mathew  Brown,  father of  Isaac  Phares'  first wife, was born in Ireland and emigrated to South Carolina with his parents, when he was ten years old, and had nine brothers.  He became a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and died in 1839, aged eighty-six years.  His wife,  Jane  Jones,  of Welsh descent, died in 1841, aged eighty-nine years.  Eight of the children:  David,  Robert,  Samuel,  John,  Catherine,  Nancy,  Elizabeth  and  Sarah,  came to Ohio in 1803, and settled in Hamilton County.
History of Shelby County, Indiana, Edward Chadwick, 1909, Bowen & Bowen Co, Indianapolis, IN, p 400

          This record made by  A.(lbert)  B.(yron)  Brown,  August 14, 1937, tracing the descendents of  Matthew  Brown  and wife, on my Father's side, and my Mother's side.  Charles  Sells  Brown  is a brother of my Mother,  Mary  (Molly)  Brown.  Matthew Brown, who was my great-great-grandfather on both my Father's and Mother's sides, finally settled in Union Tp., Shelby Co., Indiana, early in 1800- I think in 1822.  He settled on Little Blue River about 2 1/2 miles N. West of Manilla, near where the Manilla and Marion road crosses the Little Blue River where Carey Hester now lives.

          He built and operated a grist mill on a small creek that empties into Little Blue River just above where the road crosses the river (iron bridge now).  This mill stood about 1/4 mile East of where this creek empties into Blue River.  No doubt some of the timbers of this mill are still buried in this Creek as I saw them many times years ago, when they were almost hidden by gravel. The race for this mill ran along the foot of the hill South of the Creek and traces are still visible.
          Many quaint stories are told about him. It is said that when a man went to his mill to buy corn, his first question was- have you the money to pay cash for it? If the man said yes, he was told to go to another mill. "You can buy anywhere for cash- I sell to men who can't pay cash and need corn".
          It is also said that in eating at his table, he insisted that "fat" and "lean" go together when eating meat.
          He was a just man (if a bit queer or eccentric),
          These traits of character were handed down through the generations.  Both of my great-grandfathers and both of my grandfathers possessed high traits of character - far above the average - all highly respected and honorable. My father,  Landy  Brown,  was the best man I ever knew - a firm believer in Almighty God and his Son, Jesus Christ - a meek and humble man who lived his religion instead of merely talking it - just, kindly, temperate in all things - slow to anger - quick to forgive -
looked always for the best in all men.  He possessed a mind - acute - well ordered and well balanced - a wonderful memory to the last.  We are all proud to have had him for a Father. May God rest his soul.
          My Mother - Mary Brown - was a splendid woman in all that that word implies - a faithful wife, a devoted mother, a true Christian. Always ready to sacrifice for her family - a broad-minded, strong-minded woman.  She devoted several of the best years of her life ministering to her Father,  John  H.(errin)  Brown,  after the death of her Mother, denying herself the pleasures that could have been hers, to care for a lonely old Father and make his last days as pleasant as possible. A real daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. I am sure of her reward. I am proud of my ancestry.
                                                                           A. B. Brown- Aug. 16, 1937

Family group sheets for Matthew and his children have been moved.

According to the book  Some Descendants of Mathew and Jane Jones Brown:
Mathew and Jane are buried in Blue River Batptist Church Cemetery along with many other Browns, Phares, Goldings, Gunnings, and Linvilles.  Mathew is spelled with one t and it is also spelled that way on his tombstone. There is a Rev. War marker on his gravesite--probably added since this bio was written.  Mathew came to this country with his mother and siblings, the father already being deceased.  Jill Knitl

Just in case anyone is doing this family, Mathew Brown 1763 Ireland, who is named in the Brown Biography above, had a son David just as stated in the bio; however it says he was married to "unknown"--the unknown woman in this case is one of my branches named  Susan  Glidewell  b.1782, daughter of  William  Glidewell  b.1760 VA and Susannah (surname unknown thought to be  Fountaine)--both William and Susannah Glidewell are written about in a bible as being buried at Little Blue Cemetery like many of the Browns although no headstone can be read that marks their exact location.  Also, Susan Glidewell's sister Elizabeth married a Brown -- Thomas  Brown,  and they married in 1800 Laurens Co. SC before the whole group moved to the Hamilton Co. OH/Franklin Co.IN area between 1807-1810.  I am not sure how Thomas is related but I just know that he is supposed to be a cousin to the above David.  Diane Fitzgibbons.  The Glidewell page.

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