Shelby  County,  Indiana

Family  Record  of  the

Descendants  of  Matthew  Brown

1753-1839  -  86 years

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The information below was copied from a record made in 1921 by Landy (Hurst) Brown, from a record by John H.(erron) Brown in 1905- in his 76th year.  Done this year by A. B. Brown.

          Matthew Brown, the elder, with nine brothers and his parents, came to South Carolina from England in 1763, he being at that time 10 yrs. of age.  He was of Scotch-Irish descent. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  He was married to  Jane  Jones,  of Welsh descent.  He brought his family to Crosby Tp, Hamilton Co, OH, in 1803.  His family consisted of four sons and four daughters. The sons were named (1) David, (2) Robert, (3) Samuel and (4) John.  The daughters were (1) Catherine, (2) Nancy, (3) Elizabeth and (4) Sarah.  Matthew Brown died Dec. 24, 1839- aged 86 years. Jane, his wife, died May 26, 1841- aged 89 years.
(1) David  married- unknown  **see note below from Diane Fitzgibbons
David died March 28, 1874, aged 93 years, 5 mo, 13 days.
Buried in Little Blue River Cemetery.
(2) Robert  married  Catherine Cotton
Robert Brown died Oct 25, 1875, age 90 years, 8 mo, 19 days.
Catherine, his wife, died Aug 10, 1864, age 80 yrs, 5 mo, 10 days.
Both buried in Bennett Cemetery.
          These were my Father's grandparents. Came to Indiana in 1826, settled in Union Tp, Shelby Co, on the banks of Little Blue River just north of Bennett Cemetery.  The house still stands by the iron bridge.  A large maple tree stands just East of the house, set there by Landy Brown, my father, the year I was born (1881).  I was born in this house.  A.B.B.
(3) Samuel
(4) John   married  Sarah  Herrin.  These were my Mother's grandparents.  Lived and died near Harrison, Ohio.  (See page 17).  These are the grandparents of Charles S.(ells) Brown.

(1) Catherine married a Harlan.  (The "Aunt Katy" apples that grew on the John H.(erron) Brown farm came from Catherine Harlan's).
(2) Nancy married a Harlan.
(3) Elizabeth married a Phares- M.H. Phares' grandfather.
(4) Sarah  married a  Golding.

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Note:  Thomas  Jefferson  Brown  (died January 28, 1911) and his parents are buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery, New Haven Road and Edgewood Road, Harrison Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, adjoining Crosby Township.
The Brown homestead was in the possession of the late Fred Minges for over 50 years. The Minges family still owns this farm, located on the New Haven & Carolina Trace Road, northwest corner.
(Mr.) Marion H. Huber
3360 Morrison Ave
Cincinnati, 20, Ohio
Nov. 2, 1970

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My Mother's Grandparents

John Brown and Sarah (Herrin) Brown had five children. Three sons (1) Matthew, (2) John Herrin, (3) Thomas Jefferson; two daughters (4) Sarah, (5) Jane.

(1) Matthew- died young and unmarried.
(2) John  Herrin  married  Sarah  Ellis  (parents of Charles S. Brown) (my mother's parents).
(3) Thomas Jefferson never married.  Died Jan 28, 1911.
(4) Sarah married  Jehu  John.
(5) Jane married a Charleton.

John Brown died-
Sarah, his wife, died June 24, 1899- age 92 yrs.

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John Herrin Brown and Sarah (Ellis) Brown had six children, 2 sons, 4 daughters.  The sons were  James  Logan  and  Charles Sells.  The daughters were  Kate,  Fannie,  Lucy  and  Mary (Mollie).

James L. married  Dorothy  Linville.
Charles  Sells  married (1st  Lilly  Carter  and 2nd  Elma  Fisher)
Kate  married  Wyatt  Linville.
Fannie  married  James  Walker.
Lucy  married  Carey  C. Cotton.
Mary (Mollie)  married  Landy  H. Brown.

John H. Brown died Jan 5, 1912- age 83 yrs.
Sarah, his wife, died July 31, 1904- age 72 yrs.

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James L. Brown and Dorothy (Linville) Brown had five children- 3 sons, 2 daughters.  The sons were John Herrin, Jr., James Murdock, Charles Clements.  The daughters were Effie and Alice.

John H. died unmarried- Oct 8, 1890- age 28 yrs.
James  Murdock  married  Mina  Logan.
Charles  C.  married  Blanche (Fry)  added in ink.
Effie  married  Elbert  Linville.
Alice  married  Newt  McCracken.

James L. Brown was elected Sheriff of Shelby County in 1882- Democrat.
Defeated by Sid Conger in 1884- Republican.

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Charles Sells Brown and  Lilly  (Carter)  Brown had three children - 2 sons, 1 daughter.  The sons were  Harry  Logan  and  Jesse  Roy.   The daughter was Fanny.

Harry  Logan  Brown married  Roberta  Barnes.
Jesse  Roy  married  Dilla  Shepple.
Fanny  married  Mellis  Talbert.

Second marriage.
Charles Sells Brown and Elma (Fisher) Brown had four children - 1 son, 3 daughters.  The son was Thomas Jefferson.  The daughters were Esther, Helen, Justine.

Thomas  Jefferson  married-
Esther  married  Melvin  Goddard.
Helen  married  Howard  Heaton.
Justine  married  Ted  Higgins.

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Kate Brown married Wyatt Linville- one child, a daughter, Grace.  Grace Linville married Claude Worland - a converted Catholic. They had one baby- stillborn. Grace was a wonderful woman, beloved by all who knew her. She died March 25, 1905 (from childbirth).  Claude [Worland] married Margaret Burkher and had some children. He died in Kokomo, Indiana, July 28, 1929- age 58 yrs.

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Fannie Brown married James Walker and they had six children, 5 sons, 1 daughter.

The sons were Scott, Carl, John, Charles and Earl. Charles and Earl were twins.  Daughter Josephine (Josie).

Carl  married  Patty [Mary Shaw - pmf] - . Died in 1942.
John  died unmarried, September 17, 1894.
Charles  married Jesse Watts- one daughter, Catherine.
Earl  married Stella Bowlby- one son, Lionel. Earl died in 1942.
Josie  married Will Kemper.

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Lucy Brown married Cary C. Cotton- one son, Herbert.  Lucy died August 12, 1883-- 22 yrs, 7 mo, 22 days.  Herbert Cotton married  Gertrude  Towns  - one son,  William.  Herbert died April 4, 1906.

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Mary (Mollie) Brown married Landy Hurst Brown Sept. 22, 1880. They had four children.
Mary  Brown  was born Jan 12, 1864 and died June 27, 1918.
Landy  H.  Brown  was born Sept. 10, 1860 and died July 21, 1937.

Submitted by Richard Weightman

Revolutionary War Pension Records for Matthew Brown

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