Michelsen  &  Maholm

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1;  No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
This firm is composed of  John P. C.[?] Michelsen, Jr.  and  Thomas A. H. Maholm.

Mr. Michelsen was born in 1853 in New York City.  His parents moved to Cincinnati, where John learned the barber's trade under the direction of his father.  When fourteen years old he went to New York and was in the employ of Duhme & Co., jewelry dealers, for five years.  He came to Shelbyville in November, 1872, and commenced work for  Mike Posz  in the latter's barber shop, on Harrison street, next door to  John Leefers' drug store.  At the end of one year he bought the shop of Mr. Posz.  Soon after, his father came from Cincinnati, and in a short time purchased the shop of his son, who then opened a shop immediately across the street from his old location.  He continued for himself until February 18, 1869, when a partnership was formed with Mr. Maholm.

Thomas A. H. Maholm  was born in the city of Shelbyville, in the year 1854.  When eleven years old he worked two years for  Jasper Sprague  in the stave factory.  He then learned the barber's trade under Mike Posz, in whose employee he was for four years.  In 1872 he went to Richmond, Indiana, and in the early part of the year following returned to this city.  He again worked for Mr. Posz until the fall, when he went to the State of Michigan.  From there he went to Kenton, Ohio, and in December, 1873, opened a shop in that place.  In April, 1876, he went to Philadelphia, and in November of the same year returned to this city.  He purchased the shop owned by Richard Thrall, and has been in the business ever since.  On Feb. 18, 1879 the partnership between Messrs. Michelsen and Maholm was formed, and the shops owned by each consolidated.  They pride themselves on their tonsorial skill, and claim that they can "trim" a man's head up in better style than any other artist in this city.  They keep everything in the best of order, their razors are of the sharpest and towels the cleanest in the city.  If you want a good, easy shave, a scientific hair cut or a clean shampoo, give the boys a call.  Remember the location, east side of Harrison street, three doors north of the Public Square.
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Contributed by Jeanne Surber 

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