W. J.  Ryse

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1; No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
W. J. Ryse

          Was born in Hancock county, Indiana, in the year 1833.  His earlier life was spent in farming and stock trading, and in 1854, he went into the fur business.  He came to Shelby county in 1869, and has been actively engaged in his chosen business ever since, making twenty-five years in all.  He is an expert, so far as handling furs is concerned, he being able to tell at a glance, almost, the true merits of any article of fur.  He has paid thousands of dollars for furs [...(in) ...] this county, and is still buying all [... (he)...] can get.  He is located at the hardware store of Georgas & Strong, where he or his representative can be found any hour of the day.  He pays the highest market prices for all kinds of raw furs, such as coon, skunk, mink and musk-rat, etc.  He sells buffalo robes at wholesale, and has a large and very fine stock.  He is also a dealer in ready made furs of all kinds.  If you are needing anything in his line, give him a call, as he is prepared to offer bargains in all goods in his line.
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