Shelby  County,  Indiana
Civil Records

Charles  Corwin

In Re Petition of the Committment of Charles Corwin

Box 750

Motion to modify the judgment of
commitment of Charles Corwin
[circa 1911]

Gordons Shelby County Childrens Home a
corporation, by J B Randall President of Trustees

State of Indiana  &  Shelby Count  &  SS          
Circuit Court  &  December Term 1910
In Re Petion[sic] of the commitment of
Charles Corwin,  Maggie Corwin,  Josie
Corwin,  Willie Corwin
  to the
Gordi[sic] Shelby Children Home,
motion to modify

                    Comes now then Gordons Shelby Children's Home by its trustees the presiden and secretary and moves the cort to modigy and change the order and judgment made and entered in the above mattr for the folling causes viz;
First;  Because there was an error in the jugment in this twit; one of the childen declred to be a ward of the county and committed to said Gordons Shelby County Childrens Home viz:  Charles Corwin is unsuitable to be placed in private homes or to associate with other children bacuse of his physical defect/
Because;  Said Charles Corwin heretofore committed to said home is unsuitable to be placed in siad home because of the serious physical defect that he now has and did have at the time of his commitment./
Third;  Because the law does not require the association which is now operating said home to receive children therein who are seriously/afflicted with physical defects/

Because;  said Chrles Corwin is so afflicted now, and was so seriously afflicted at the time of his commitment that it requres some one of strong physical ability to care for said child/
Fifth;  Because said Chrles Corwin can not be cared for in said home for the small allowanc of thirty five cents/per day now allowed/said association for caring for   such children confined therin.  Wherefore the associatin moves the court to modify the decree heretofore rendered and made herein. and relieve said association of said child.
The Gordons Shelby County children's

/s/  Joseph B Randall Pres;
David L. Wilson,

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming
Note from Barb Huff:  Charles died 1914 at the home of his father, Joseph.

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