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Transcribed cases are listed below.  An index of all inventoried cases housed in the Clerk's Vault is here.
Updated 10 September 2017.

List of  Soldiers and Sailors and of the National Guard Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana, May 1, 1913

Thomas Amos  vs  Nannie C. Amos.  Divorce and custody.  1889.
Amsden vs Amsden, 1907.
Hannah F. Anderson  vs  William H. Anderson, 1890.
Sallie Evaline Arnold  vs  Lewis Bass, 1849.

Calvin & Lucinda Barnard  vs  Rebecca, Joseph, Tristram B. 
    & Thomas C. Macy, partition.
Bassett cases:  (1) State vs Elizabeth Boone Williams Bassett  and  
                       (2) Bassett vs Bassett, Divorce.
Ona M., William N., James M.  Bassett  vs   Salla, Emma C., Melvin N., 
    Edwin C.  Will of  Margaret E. Salla.
Trilby Bentley  vs  George Rembusch, paternity
Boone & Kennedy  vs  Lemaster Heirs
John Briles  vs  Joseph J. Jones, deposition by Robert Oldham, 1851.
Henry H. Buckman, Jr, request for trial by jury
Henry Burkher & Matthias Schoelch vs Rev. Maurice de St. Palais, Civil Action.
Cora Burton  vs  Robert Burton, 1907
Joseph and Polly Bush, divorce, 1852.
Susan and Remedy Bush, divorce, 1846.

Miscellaneous clerk's receipts from 1917.
Keziah Caughey  vs  Christy L. Spellman, Civil Action.
Austin Clark  vs  John French, re purchase of land from John S. Moore, 1861.
Petition of David Colclasure  heirs'.
Alfred Colclazier  vs  Rachael Colclazier,  Complaint for divorce, 1867.
State vs Jacob Colclazier.  Assault and battery, 1828.
State vs Jacob Colclazier.  Gaming, 1832.
Elizabeth Coleman  vs  Austin Coleman,  Bill & Summons for divorce, 1846.
David Collins  vs  David Engler & Jacob Rush,  unpaid promissory note, 1852.
Nancy Collins  vs  William Collins, divorce.
State vs Conner, William, and Lucy, his wife.  
    Obtaining goods under false pretenses.
Prudence Cookson  vs  Nathan St. John. Bastardy, 1842.
Mary Copeland  vs  William Copeland. Libel for Divorce. No 22 Chancery.
In Re Petition of the commitment of  Charles,  Maggie,  Josie  and  Willie Corwin  to the Gordons Shelby County Children's Home.
State of Indiana  vs  Thomas Cotton,  as administrator of the 
    estate of William R. Ensminger, 1845.
Ada Curry vs Frank Curry,  Complaint for Divorce, 1907.

Rezin Davis vs George W. Davis and Georgia Davis.  
    Complaint to vacate judgment.
Alice Davisson  vs  Edward Warble, 1897.
Hannah Williams Davison  vs  Catharine Ritchie, et al.  
    Partition of real estate, 1868.
Delos Thompson Home for Aged Women, Trustees Report and Rules and Regulations Booklet, 1914.
Jacob G. Deprez, affidavit for aggravated assault, 1918.
Phebe DeWitt  vs  heirs of Peter DeWitt, dec'd, 1843, 
    commissioners report for land partition

August H. Eikman  vs  unnamed defendant.
Francis M. Ellsbury  vs  Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co.
Elzy Ensminger  vs  Mary J. Ensminger, divorce, 1872.
George Ensminger  vs  Sarah J. Ensminger, complaint for divorce, 1868
Marium Mae Ensminger  vs  Albert Ensminger, divorce, 1906.
Mary Ensminger  vs  John R. Arnold, complaint on note, 1870.

Fansler  vs  Doble, 1845
Leona A. Faulkner  vs  George W. Faulkner: Complaint Divorce, Custody & Restraining Order,  1907.
State of Indiana vs Samuel Fisher, assault & battery, 1886
Hannah Viola Robinson Fleming vs George W Flemming, divorce, 1879
Mitchell,  Garrison, et al  vs Fleming,  Petition for Partition, 1873.
Robert S. Fletcher vs Otto Axline
Merit Frady & wife and John Lewis (Guardian) vs Joseph & Catharine Gregory.
Charity Downing Furr  vs  Joseph Furr, divorce, 1827
State of Indiana  vs  Joseph Furr,  indictment for assault and 
    battery on Abel Cole, 1827

David Garard  vs  James R. Douglass, 1854
John A. Gray  vs  Abraham L. Gary, damages
Elston Green  vs  Eliza Thompson, petition to be released from guardian's bond, 1890.
Benjamin B. Bartholomew  vs  Samuel A. Guinn,  1837, debt.
Elijah Barratt  vs  Samuel A. Guinn,  1834.

William Hacker  vs  Smith Wingate, promissory note, 1857.
Haehl, Mary C., Et al.  Ex parte Partition, Circuit Court October Term, 1868
Dora Hall  vs  Edward Harrell, 1894.
John Kitchel for J. & S. Hamilton  vs  Roger Hartley & Daniel Cross,
     demand for debt, 1842
Samuel Hamilton vs Charles Gordon and George Howery
Charles Harbison, controversy over bond
Hargraves, Thomas & Ida, adoption of Dorthy Beatrice Evans, 1920.
Hamilton Harris & Co vs James D. Smith
John Harrod vs Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Company.
Emily Harvey vs John G. Harvey: Divorce No 28 Chancery.
Clara Hatton vs Alonzo Hatton: Complaint Divorce.
James Hendrickson  vs  Peter J. McCain,  declaration of damages, 1853.
Elias Henry vs Robert Young.
Highway Forum, 1875 (on "Missing Pieces" page)
Charlotte Hill  vs  Hill, 1845
Samuel Hill vs John Commisky, Samuel Chance and Daniel Hinds.
Esther Hillman  vs  Charles Hillman, divorce, 1907.
Jacob Hinds vs Samuel A Guinn, Debt Demand.
State of Indiana vs William Holbrook.
Augusta J Holden  vs  Moore Holden,  divorce, 1869.
Moore Holden  vs  John Waldorf, 1855.
J. H. & Frederick Homburg  vs  Daniel Michaels, 1838.
George W. Howery  vs General M. Wickliff, complaint on notes.
Sarah House  vs  Samuel Hoover, paternity, 1845.
John L. Huffman  vs  Solomon Stewart, dismissal, 1912.

Jackson, Bertha  vs  Jackson, Harry E., divorce, 1907.

Harriett Keller vs John Keller, divorce, 1885.
Thomas Kelly vs Henrietta Kelly, divorce.
Kennedy, Byram & Cornelius vs Coalscott & Coalscott, Civil Action.
George H. Kent vs William H. Ogden, receivership of award.
Melvina Kitchen vs Abner Fields, Jr., bastardy, 1871.

William H. Lamaster  vs  Robert A. Cotton,  Stephen Coffin  and  Thomas A. Cotton, mortgage, 1867.
John Lee  vs  Phebe & Barney McGinnis.  Demand to set aside deed and 
        quiet title, Marietta, 1871.
Rachel Lee  vs  Theodore N. Lee.  Divorce, 1875.
Edward W. Lewis vs Charles Vice, foreclosure on note.
Isabel Lemar vs Robert Lemar.  Divorce, 1857.
State of  IN vs Benjamin Lemaster, 1858.  Felonious misrepresentation. 
Gertrude Leonard  vs  Horace F King, 1907.
Mary A. Lewis  vs  Aaron Lewis, restraining order, 1867.
Mary A. Lewis  vs  Aaron Lewis, divorce, 1867.
Mary Ann Lewis  vs  Thomas B. Lewis, complaint for divorce, 1865.
Hattie Lingenfelter  vs  Henry Booher, settlement.
James Lisher vs William Hedrick,  Demand in Assumpsit, 1834.
Lewis Lisher  vs  E. B. Amsden, complaint to recover personal property, 1867.
John Liter,  Richard Price,  Joseph Price,  John Cook,  Callander Price,  Thomas S. Newlin, 
        Benjamin Marshall,  Samuel Bissham,  Calvin Fletcher  and  Ovid Butler  
        vs  Jacob Kennerly,  Elbridge G. Mayhew  and  John Allen, 1846. 
Nettie Lizemby  vs  City of Indianapolis & G.H. Hess.
Lowery, Jane  vs  Samuel Lowery, divorce, 1846.

Markley vs Markley, modification of custody decree.
Thelma Mason  vs  Clarence Mason, divorce.
McDonald children, wards of Gordon's Shelby Co Children's Home.
Unknown plaintiff vs Barney and Phebe McGinnis and William Lee, Civil Action.
State of Indiana  vs  Jesse McMahan.  Assault and battery to William Burns, 1838.
State of Indiana  vs  George McMahan.  Assault and battery to James Sexton, 1846.
Petition to make the Means children wards of Gordon's Children's Home.
J. H. Homberg and Frederick Homberg  vs  Daniel Michael
        unpaid medical bills, 1837-1838.
Missing Pieces.
Miscellaneous newspapers reports
          * February 15, 1871
          * June 10, 1875
Anna C. Mock vs John T. Meek
William Montgomery  vs  James Young. Slander. 1839.
State vs John R. Morris,  Assault and battery against Augustus E. Kinsley, 1842.
George C. Morrison  vs  Rev. Maurice de St. Palais, Civil Action.
Dianah Mortimer  vs  Indiana Fairbanks, petition for partition, 1868.
Alonzo Mount  vs  Nora Mount, divorce, 1907

Mary Emma Wildrich Nebb [Neeb]  vs  Jacob Nebb, divorce, 1869.
Avie Neville  vs  Louis Neville: Complaint Divorce and Custody,  1906.
State of Indiana  vs  Mamie Nugent, visiting a house of bad reputation, 1911.
State of Indiana  vs  Ona, James A, Goldie M and Cecil W Nugent 
        and Omer Hauk, neglect, 1911.
State of Indiana  vs  Samuel Nugent, petit larceny, 1910.

William Patterson  vs  Emazette Patterson et al, report of sale of property of 
        Joel L. Patterson, dec'd, 1889.
Mary Haehl Peebles  vs  Henry Haehl, note due, 1871.
Charles Pierson  vs  Thomas S. Caughey,  note due, 1855.
Jackson Plummer  vs  Valentine Baker, 1869, list of neighbors paying for new road.

George W. Rapp, administrator  vs  Sarah Kuhn, widow of Adam Kuhn, 1896.
Henry and Rachel Rapp cited to produce the last will of John Calkenbaugh.
James C. Rice vs David C. Rice, 1878.
William J. Rice  vs  Andrew R. Derrickson, agreement to buy furs, Box 98, 1869.
State of IN vs Fannie Richardson, neglect of dependents.
Pearl Riser vs Vern F. Riser, Affidavit of Non-Residence.
Elizabeth Robinson vs  William Robinson, libel for divorce, 1842.
Alfred Rooke  vs  Henry Barnhart, recovery of judgment.

Hiram Brown &  Abram Hammond  vs  William Sedden, bill to foreclose mortgage, 1842.
Sheriff's Sale of property to  Fletcher & Butler, 1846.
Solomon Stewart  vs  Tillison & Harrell, complaint to 
    recover purchase money for real estate, 1913.
State  vs  Mary Spurling, assault & battery against Sarah Randolph, 1845.
State vs  James Story.  Fighting in public with Jacob Hummer, 1833.
Sterling, Percy  vs  Mary Sterling.  Divorce, 1907
Clem Tingley & Gideon Burton vs Hiram Stillwell, damages, 1842.

James Talbert  vs  Anna Talbert,  divorce, 1907.
Thomas Talbert  vs  Thomas Dennis and the heirs of Andrew Hensley Sr .
    (Isabel, Thomas, James and Andrew), 1844. 
Lottie M. Taylor vs Fred P. Taylor: Divorce Filed.
William R. Teel  vs Charles E. Francis.
Thomas  minors declared wards of Shelby County, 1914.
Jonathan Thompson  vs  Evans Elliott & Jacob Vernon, promissory note, 1859.
Arthur Thurston vs Robert McCarty and William Thornburg.
Thomas Trackwell vs Irwin & Heck, contestation of "pretended will".
Thomas Trackwell vs Irwin, Heck & Brown, further contestation of above.
D.B.N. of the Estate of Isaac Trees, dec'd, vs 
    Julia Ann Trees, Andrew Trees, Amanda McCarty and W. Lewis McCarty.
Joseph Tucker vs Albert Wray as the guardian of  Thomas Updegraff
    minor heir of Maria Updegraff, dec'd.

Union Building  Association of Shelbyville, Indiana  vs  Chas. E. Amsden  &  George Rapp
Mariah Updegraff  Et al  vs  Prudy Scott Et al.  Partition of 
     real estate of Mariah Tucker Shaw, dec'd.

Evans Elliott & Jacob Vernon  vs  Jonathan Thompson, overdue note, 1859.
Overseers of the Poor of Hendricks Twp vs Elijah Victor, 1846.

Samuel Walker  vs  Louis Lea, Peter Ryman, William Little, 
    John Walker and Stephen Major, 1837.
Nicholas & Nancy Wheeler  vs  Wesley Williams  &  William White, 1854.
Carey Wickliff, minor heir  vs  Clarrissa Oldham, guardian,  1892.
Jeremiah Williams  vs  Zella Ann Williams, complaint for divorce, 1863.
Lora May Williams  vs  Noah Williams, complaint for divorce, 1915.
Marion P. Williams  vs  Sallie K. Williams, complaint for divorce, 1896.
Joseph Wood  vs  Christopher C Green.  Wrongfully, wickedly and 
    unjustly intruding into marriage, 1846.
Joseph Wood  vs  Sarah Wood.  Divorce, 1846.
Mary Wood  vs  Thomas J. Wood.  Divorce, 1859.
Lillie M. Worland  vs  John M. Worland.  Complaint for divorce, 1904.

Petition for the Adoption of  Ruby Hester Yarbrough,  Sarah Jane Weaver, Petitioner, 1906.
Frances Effie Young, dependent and neglected child.
Leven Tull Young, 1838 indenture.
Robert Young, 1885, complaint for damages.

Zell  vs  Lisher,  Ex parte Partition, 1857.

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