In Circuit Court Dec. Term 1890

Elston  Green
Eliza  E. Thompson

Complaint to be released & discharged 
from Guardian's Bond

Box 340
No. 1224

Filed Jan 14, 1891 
            J. R. Sedgwick Clerk

Glessner & Wilson Attys for Plff.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
State of Indiana                 In Circuit Court
Shelby County SS:             December Term 1890
            Comes now Elston Green in the above cause shows to the Court that he is surity on the bond of Eliza E. Thompson as guardian of the minor heirs of Thomas Thompson decd, that he is not willing to be held longer on said bond as such security, and he moves the Court for a Judgment and order of this Court releasing and discharging him from further liability thereon.
Elston Green     per Glessner & Wilson Attys.        

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Appearance and Answer of Deft.
Filed January 7, 1891 J. R. Sedgwick Clerk
A. F. Wray for Eliza E. Thompson

            Comes now Eliza E. Thompson and enters her appearance to the above cause and says she consents to his release & discharge from further liability on he bond as guardian.
Eliza E. Thompson

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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