Alonzo  Mount

Nora  C.  Mount

Shelby Circuit Court              Box 689
Filed June 3, 1907                 J.H. Deitzer Clerk
State of Indiana Shelby County SS:                              In The Shelby Circuit Court
Complaint for Divorce May Term 1907

Alonzo Mount
VS Nora C. Mount

In the above entitled cause the plaintiff complains of the defendant and says:
            That the plaintiff is now, and has been for the last two years previous to the filing of this complaint, a bona fide resident of the state of Indiana and of the County of Shelby thereof.
            That the plaintiff and defendant were married on the 24: day of March, 1907 and that on the 29 day of April, 1907 they separated and have not lived or cohabited together since as husband and wife.
            That immediately after said marriage the defendant went to the home of her father in Shelby Township in said county, where she remained for two weeks living apart from said plaintiff and refusing to live with him in the home he had provided for her in the city of Shelbyville in said county.
            That afterward, towit: on the __ day of April 1907 she did go to said home so prepared by said plaintiff and there live with him, and immediately upon her going to live with plaintiff she became sullen and morose and refused to speak or talk to plaintiff.
            That during said time said plaintiff and defendant lived together said defendant was guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment as above set out and in this: That during said time defendant, on different occasions, and in the presence of divers persons and in their hearing, told plaintiff that she did not love him, that she did not care for him; that she would not have married him but to please her family; that she did not care to live with him; that she did not love him out that she loved one Isaac Wilson better than her life.
            That during the period they were living together the said defendant was corresponding with divers single men.
            That the defendant on the 29 day of April, 1907, left said plaintiff and the home he had provided for her, and has ever since lived apart from him; that since said 29 day of April said defendant has been associating with divers single men among whom are said Isaac Wilson and one ____ Green.
            Wherefore plaintiff prays the Court for judgment divorcing the said plaintiff and defendant and dissolving said marriage and for all other proper relief.
John C. Cheney     Atty. for Plaintiff

Contributed by Barb Huff

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