James  M.  Talbert


Anna  Talbert

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Shelby Circuit Court Box 689
Filed May 10, 1907
                  J.H. Deitzer Clerk
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State of Indiana County of Shelby SS:                     Circuit Court May Term, 1907
Complaint for Divorce
James M. Talbert VS Anna Talbert

            Comes now James M. Talbert and complains of Anna Talbert and for cause of complaint says that he and defendant were duly married on the 22nd day of February, 1905, and lived together as husband and wife until the 16th day of June, 1906, on which day they separated and have not lived or cohabited together since, and are not now living and cohabiting together as husband and wife; said plaintiff says that said defendant before the said separation, was guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment of this plaintiff in this, that she charged him privately and publicly with not being true to his martial vows, that he was not true to her but associated with women of bad character for chastity and called him a whoremaster frequently, all of which charges were false and all of which charges the defendant knew to be false. That at the time of said separation and for seven months prior thereto this plaintiff and defendant lived at the home of this plaintiffs’ mother, who is 64 years of age, and that this plaintiff tilled her land and managed her farm and that during said time the defendant repeatedly complained to this plaintiff of his mother and said that his mother stole eggs, that she was deceitful, that she was a liar, and that this plaintiff’s mother was prejudiced against defendant and was trying to separate this plaintiff and defendant all of which she, the defendant knew to be false.
            That since said separation said defendant lived at the City of Indianapolis, that she drank intoxicating liquor with men and became intoxicated. That the defendant received letters from some one and when plaintiff asked her from whom she received letters she refused to tell him.
            Wherefore plaintiff sues and asks the Court that the bond of matrimony heretofore existing between plaintiff and defendant be dissolved and for all other proper relief.

Elmer Bassett Atty. For Plaintiff

State of Indiana Shelby County SS:

            James M. Talbert, being duly sworn upon his oath says that he is the plaintiff in the above entitled cause of action; that he has been a bona fide resident of the State of Indiana for 40 years and for more than two years last past and a bona fide resident of Union Township, Shelby County for more than six months last past; and that he is by occupation a farmer.
James M. Talbert

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 26th day of April 1907
Elmer Bassett Notary Public
Commissioned to Jan. 28, 1911

Contributed by Barb Huff

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