Markley  vs  Markley

Mona  Markley

       vs.                      #10185 Decree

Earl  V.  Markley

       Come now the parties, Mona Markley and Earl B. Markley, in person and now file their motion requesting the court to change and modify the decree in this cause heretofore made and recorded in Order Book No. 3Z, at page 109 thereof, which motion is in the words and figures following to-wit: (here insert)

       And said motion is thereupon submitted to the court for hearing, and the court having heard the evidence and being fully advised in the premises now finds for the said petitioners; that it is to the best interest of the said children  George Philip  Markley  and  Elizabeth  Irene Markley  that said decree heretofore entered in this cause be modified and changed as requesting in said petition.

       It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the court that the said decree heretofore made and entered in this cause, and set out in Order Book No. 3Z at page 109 of the same be and the same is hereby modified and changed to the effect that the said Mona Markley shall have the legal custody of her children George Philip Markley and Elizabeth Irene Markley until the further order of the curt; that she be and hereby is permitted to take said children from the City of Shelbyville, and from the State of Indiana, to reside in the State of California; that the said defendant, Earl B. Markley, be and he is hereby ordered to pay to said Mona Markley, for the support of said children, the sum of Six Dollars ($6.00) per week, each and every week hereafter until the further order of the court; it is further considered, adjudged and decreed by the court that the said child, Elizabeth Irene Markley, after one year from this time, shall be permitted to visit her grandfather, George L. Markley, at his home in the City of Shelbyville, Indiana, for a period of one year if the said Elizabeth Irene Markley shall be and remain in good health during said time, and to visit her grandfather for a longer period of time if the said Mona Markley shall consent thereto; the expense of bringing and returning said child from the State of California to Shelbyville, Indiana, to be borne by the said
George L. Markley. The said Earl Markley shall only be required to pay said Mona Markley the sum of Three dollars each week during the time the child, Elizabeth Irene Markley, is visiting her said grandfather,
George L. Markley.

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver

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