Shelby  County,  Indiana

Jacob Hinds

vs   }} Scifa

Samuel A Guinn

Returnable 1st day
August Term 1837

Box 12

Sheriffs fees

Serving & returning Scifa 37-1/2
Travel (1) Mile         6
$ 0.43-1/2
E. Baker Shff SC

Filed August 24th 1837
                    SB Morris Clerk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana   Shelby County fs
The State of Indiana
To the Sheriff of Shelby County

          Whereas Heretofore to wit on the fifteenth day of march in the year Eighteen hundred and Thirty Seven   Thomas H Fleming Esqr who was on the ninth day of September AD Eighteen hundred and thrity Six and from Whence hitherto an acting Justice of the peace of Said County of Shelby duly Commissioned and qualified and legally empowered to render the Judgements in this behalf and Certify Transcripts thereof filed in the office of the Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court a Transcript of a Judgment by him rendered as Justice of the peace as aforesaid which Transcript is in the words & figures following towit   Jacob Hines  vs  Samuel A Guinn  In Debt Demand $37 00 due August the 16th 1836 Summons issued against the defendant on the 9th day of September 1836   Returnable on the 12th instant at one Oclock P M to Cap Constable who returned served by reading September 9th 1836 the day set for Trial Came the plaintiff but the defendant Came not and the Said Cause and proceedings being fully inspected   It is therefore Considered that the plaintiff Recover of the defendant the Sum of Thirty Seven Dollars and Debt with interest at the rate of Six per Cent per annum for the 26th day of August 1836 to be paid together with Costs of suit taxed at Seventy one and a half Cents
/s/   Thos H Fleming J P

Isaiah Chance  do hereby acknowledge my Self Security for the above named defendent for the payment of the above Judgement interest and cash and accruing Costs in one hundred and twenty days from the rendition thereof
witness my hand and Seal this 21st day of october 1836
Isaiah   ^  Chance

          Alias Ex issued Jan 13th 1837 to Mortimer Const who returned No godds or chattles could be found in my County to Satisfy any part of Said Judgement Feb 4th 1837
Wm Mortimer Const

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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