Shelby  County  Indiana  Circuit  Court

Bertha  E.  Jackson
Harry  E.  Jackson


Shelby Circuit Court  Box 689

Filed June 12, 1907
                                J.H. Deitzer Clerk

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Complaint for Divorce
          The Clerk will issue summons in this Cause to the Sheriff of Vanderburg County, returnable June 27” 1907. Rec’d $4.00 in security of costs. Hord & Adams Atty for Plff.

The State of Indiana Shelby county                                                Circuit Court May Term A.D. 1907
Bertha E. Jackson  VS  Harry E. Jackson

          Bertha E. Jackson complains of Harry E. Jackson that she is now and has been for more than 19 years a bona fide resident of the state of Indiana and for more than two years last past has been and now is a bona fide resident of Hendricks Township Shelby County, Indiana and her occupation is that of domestic in her fathers family for her support.
          That on the 7th day of May 1904 she was married to defendant and lived with him until the 12th day of February 1905 when the defendant abandoned her without cause and has continued said abandonment to this time, which is more than two years.
          2. That the defendant has wholly failed to provide for the plaintiff for more than two years. That it is impossible for said parties to live together as husband and wife. Wherefore she asks that her name be changed to Bertha E. Fortune her maiden name and upon final trial of this Court she be granted an absolute divorce and for all other proper relief.

Bertha E. Jackson
Subscribed and sworn to before me this May 12” 1907.
K.M. Hord Notary Public                     
My Commission expires April 16” 1907.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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