Hannah  Davison

Catharine Ritchie

Box 152
No. 204

Filed July 7, 1868

Shelby Circuit Court No. 506
Hannah Davison
Catharine Ritchie  et al

Demand $3000.00 To fifth Term 1868
Major & Daugherty Atty For Plff.
Filed August 17, 1868 J. G. Wolf Clerk

          This writ came to hand July the 10th 1868 and Served this summons on  Catharine Ritchie &  James Ritchie (her husband) and  Harriet Williams  by reading the same to them this 7th day of August 1868.
Charles Platt Sheriff Jasper Co. Ind.

Sheriffs Fee
Mileage $ .80
Service 1 .50
Postamp  .03
Return  .10
2 .43


Summons---Circuit Court                 Printed and Sold by Wm. J. Braden, Indianapolis, Ind.

The State of Indiana, to the Sheriff of Shelby Jasper County, Greeting:
          You are hereby commanded to summon Catharine Ritchie and James Ritchie her husband and Harriet Williams impleaded with others. To be and appear in the Shelby Circuit Court, before the Judge thereof, on the second day of the next term, to be held at the Court House in Shelbyville, on the first Monday of October, 1868, to answer the complaint of Hannah Davison for Assignment of Dower in a civil action; amount demanded three thousand Dollars, and of this writ make due return.
Witness, J. G. Wolf, Clerk, and the Seal of the Court, at Shelbyville, this 7 day of July 1868.
J. G. Wolf Clerk


Circuit Court No. 504 Fee Book H. p. 160
Hannah Davison   VS   Catherine Ritchie et al
Complaint for Dower          Demand $3000.00
Filed July 7, 1868 J. G. Wolf Clerk
S. Major          Major & Daugherty

State of Indiana
Shelby County     SS
In the Shelby Circuit Court October Term, 1868
          The Plaintiff Hannah Davison complains of  Catharine Ritchie  and  James Ritchie  her husband, John Williams,  Pierson Williams,  Thomas Williams  and  Harriet Williams - John W. Williams,  Margaret Bowls  and  John Bowls, her husband, Thomas Williams  and  Sarah Williams, defendants and says that in the year 1828 she was married to  Isaac Williams  Since then deceased and continued to be his wife until his decease on the 8 day of July 1848, in the County of Shelby aforesaid and that said plaintiff Survived him as his widow.
          That before the death of said Isaac and on and upon the day of ____1839 the said Isaac was Seized in fee simple of to and in the flowing described tract of land, Situate in Said County of Shelby, Viz: And being so seized the said Isaac on the day of ______1839, conveyed in fee simple the said lands to  Jesse Williams  then of Johnson County, Indiana since deceased and that the said Hannah did not dispose if her right to Dower in said Lands and as the widow of said Isaac She then the said Plaintiff is entitled to Dower in Said Lands - that is to say that one third part thereof during her life and the one third part of the rents, issues and profits thereof from the time of the decease of said Isaac for the withholding of said Dower from her.
          That said defendant  Catherine Ritchie,  James Ritchie  John Williams,  Pierson Williams,  Thomas Williams  and  Harriet Williams, as the widow and heirs of  Jesse Williams  have claimed and asserted and now claims and assert that they are the owners in fee simple of said real estate.
          That said Defendant  John W. Williams,  Margaret Bowls,  Thomas Williams  and  Sarah Williams, the children and heirs of the said  Isaac Williams  now claim and assert that they are the owners in fee subject to the right of Dower of the Plaintiff therein of said real estate.
          That said defendants  Catherine and James Ritchie  and  Hannah Williams  are residents of Jasper County, Indiana and that the defendant  Harriet  an infant under the age of 21 years.  That said defendant Pierson Williams is a resident of the State of Mississippi.  That said defendant  John Williams  is a resident of the State of Iowa and the defendant Thomas (son of  Jesse Williams) is a resident of the State of Kansas.
          That said defendant  John W. Williams,  Margaret Bowls & John Bowls  and  Thomas Williams (son of  Isaac) and  Sarah Williams  are residents of Shelby County, Indiana.
          Wherefore the Plaintiff prays that her Dower interest in Said Lands may be decreed by the Court to be assigned to her according to Law and three thousand dollars damages for the withholding of said Dower interest in Said Lands from said plaintiff and for all other proper relief.
S. Major
                                    Major & Daugherty For Plaintiff

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