Charlotte Hill
Cyrus Hill

Restraining Order

Adams and Hackney
                    Atts for Plff

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
          Came to hand July 7" 1885 at 4 oclock PM
As commanded I have Served this restraining order on the Deft  Cyrus ill  by reading the same to and in his hearing and also by delivering to him a true and certified copy of the original restraining order in this cause this 7 day of July 1885 deliverd to me by the clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court of which the foregoing is a true copy.  I also delivered over to the plaintiff the wearing apparel mentioned within
This 7" day of July 1885.
James Magill         
Sheriff SC

Milage $2 00
Service 20
Docket 20
Copy 25
$2 65

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No. 2162
Charlotte Hill
Cyrus Hill
5 day of Oct 1885
1' judicial day Oct
Term, 1885          
A & H
          Attorneys for Plaintiff
Sheriff's Fees.
MILEAGE   2 .00
SERVICE   1 .00
== ==
$3 .60

Came to hand July 7"/8" at 4 O'Clock P.M.
Served all the within named defendants by reading to and in their hearing
July 8"/85                     James Magill Shff S.C.



          The State of Indiana, to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon   Cyrus Hill, Edwin Evans,  Isabella Evans,  &  Jasper Hughes   to appear in the Circuit Court of Shelby County, before the Judge thereof, on the  5  day of  October 1885, the First  Judicial day of its  October Term, 1885,  to be held at the Court House in Shelbyville, County of Shelby, and State of Indiana, then and there to answer the complaint of  Charlotte Hill  for Divorce and Alimony and Custody of children as against Cyrus Hill and for an order for the payment of money against Evans and Evans and Hughes  and of this writ make due return.

WITNESS  the Clerk of said Court, and the seal thereof hereunto
affixed at Shelbyville, this  7  day of

July  1885            
A J Gorgas, Clerk S. C. C.


The State of Indiana }}   C. C. Oct. Term 1885
Shelby County SS }}  
Charlotte Hill }}  
vs }}  
Cyrus Hill }}  
et al }}  

Be it remembered that on this 7" day of July 1885 the above named plaintiff by her verified complaint moved the court for an order against said  Cyrus Hill  and the Court upon due consideration of said complaint makes the following order towit:
It is ordered that said Cyrus deliver over to plaintiff  Charlotte  or to anyone acting for her all her wearing apparel of Every kind now in the Custody of Said Cyrus and all such apparel as is described in the complaint herein.  Also all of the wearing apparel of the infant son  James M. Hill  shall e delivered over to plaintiff or any one acting for her.
          Said defendant  Cyrus  is also restrained until the further order of this Court to be made at the next term hereof, from in any manner selling, disposing of, incumbering or removing from the place where it now is, of all property of every kind belonging to said  Cyrus, and also from so using or disposing of any and all property now in his custody belonging to the plaintiff  This order shall apply to all property of the defendant or plaintiff now in the custody of the defendant Cyrus.
          And said Cyrus is also restrained from transferring selling, disposing of or receiving any money on either of the two following notes, and having been executed by  Edwin Evans & Isabel Evans  to said  Cyrus  for the sum of $300.00 and interest also one note executed by  Jasper Hughes  to said  Cyrus  for $100.00 and this order shall apply to any other notes held by said Cyrus against any other person or persons.
          Witness my hand ad seal in open Court this 7' day of July 1885.
K. M. Hord /s/   Judge
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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