No. 93

In the matter of the
petitions of  J. M. Carlisle
to make, the Means
children, wards of
the Gordons Shelby County
Childrens Home.

Oct 27  1913

State of Indiana

Shelby County, ss

In the matter of the
petition, to the Juvenile 
Court of Shelby County, 
Indiana, to have 
Ona Ita Means
Daphyl Avis Means                               
Petition to declare children public
Emma Marie Means                               
wards, and commit to the Orphans Home.
Raymond Minter Means  &
Mattie Margaret Means
declared public wards an
committed to the Gordens 
Shelby County Children's 
                                To the Judge of the Juvenile Court of Shelby County.  The undersigned gives the court to know and understand that the following named children, Viz:  Ona Ita Means, age 13, years  Dec. 10", 1913,  Daphyl Avie Means, age 11 years March 18", 1914,  Ermma Marei[sic] Means, age 10", years August 19", 1914,  Florence Lenora Means, age 9 years December 26" 1913,  Raymond Minter Means, age 7, years September 9", 1912 and  Mattie Margaret Means, age 5, years Nov. 3, 1913, who are at this time destitute, and homeless:  that the father of said children is supposed to be at this time in the State of Okahoma[sic], that the mother is with them and is at this time being kept and carred for by the kindness of friends, that she has no home and has no property to keep and maintain said chidren, exept what she can earn by her daily, manuel labor, that said children should be declarred public wards, and committed to the Gordens Shelby County Children' home, and the undersigned prays that the court hear and so determine and agjudge said cheldren public wars, and commit them to said home.
J. M. Carlisle

Subscribed and sworn to before me this  27 day of October, A?D?1913.
David L. Wilson
Notary Public
Commissioned to Sept. 5, 1915

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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