State  of  Indiana
Ona  Nugent

State  VS  Ona Nugent et al
Box 740

In the matter of the neglect of  Ona Nugent  et al to be sent to the Orphans Home
Filed Aug 3, 1911     Otto L. Coyle Clerk of Circuit Court, Shelby County

State of Indiana                     In the Juvenile Court of Shelby Co. in Vacation
Shelby County, SS:
            In the matter of the neglect & improper home of  Ona Nugent,  James A. Nugent,  Goldie M. Nugent  and  Cecil W. Nugent,  Omer Hauk,  charge of neglect & asking they to be made wards if the Gordons Shelby County Orphans Home.
            Comes now the undersigned in vacation of the Juvenile Court of said County and gives the court to know and understand that, Ona Nugent age 11 years Dec 23, 1911, James A. Nugent, age 7 June 11, 1911, Goldie M. Nugent age 5 Jany 31 1912, Cecil W. Nugent age 3 May 13, 1912 and Omer Hauk age 4 years June 6, 1912 are the children respectively of  Omer Nugent  &  Emma Nugent  and the last one is the child of  Bert Hauk  &  Addie Hauk.  That the husbands & wives above named are living separate & apart, and the fathers in each case are not providing for said children; that they are neglected by their mothers, are allowed to shift for themselves, are not properly clothed, nor fed, and should be made wards of the Gordons Shelby County Orphans Home and the Court is asked to so adjudge them such wards.
Frank Garmony

                Subscribed & sworn to before me this 3 day if August 1911 
David L. Wilson     Notary Public S.C.            

Contributed by Barb Huff for Linda Fuller

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