George  C.  Morrison
Rev. Maurice de St. Palas

Order Book     Common Pleas 12
Clerk's Office, Shelby Co Courthouse Annex

Second Day,         March Term, 1870,         Shelby Common Pleas, March 8

George C. Morrison }}
749 vs. }} Complaint to enforce Mechanics Lien
Rev. Maurice de St. Palais }}
                                                            Comes the plaintiff by Hord and Blair his Attorneys, and the Sheriff of Knox County Indiana returns the Summons issued in this Cause duly and legally served upon said Defendant, more than ten days prior to the first day of the present Term of the Court, which Summons and Return of Sheriff thereon indorsed, read in the Words and figures following to wit  (Here insert.)  And on motion said Defendant being now three Times audibly called, comes not, but herein wholly makes default;  Whereupon on further motion this Cause is now submitted to the Court for Trial and Judgment upon the Complaint, Exhibits and default aforesaid,
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Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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