Charity  Furr
Joseph  Furr

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Charity Furr  late  Charity Downing
         VS                                                         Subpoena & Copy of Petition
Joseph Furr

Executed September 22d 1827 Jno. Walker Shff S.C.
Returnable 1st day of September Term 1827
Filed Sept 24th 1827 H. Alldredge Clerk

State of Indiana Shelby County SS
                To the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greeting:
You are hereby Commanded that you Summon Joseph Furr (if he may be found in your bailwick) that he be and appear before the Judges of our Shelby Circuit Court on the first day of their next term to be holden at the house of Benjamin Williams in the town of Shelbyville in the County aforesaid, on the fourth Monday of September next, then and there to answer the petition of Charity Furr (for a divorce) or the matters and things therein contained will be heard and adjudged accordingly &c. And have you then there this writ.
                Witness Hiram Alldredge Clerk of our Shelby Circuit Court and the Seal of our Said Court hereunto affixed at Shelbyville the 16th day of July Anno Domini 1827
Hiram Alldredge Clerk

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            To the honourable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the County of Shelby in the State of Indiana.  The petition of Charity Furr, late Charity Downing, Shews and States that in Fayette County in the State of Kentucky in the year *1815, 16 or 17 She was married to one Joseph Furr and Continued to live with him deporting herself as an affectionate & obedient wife until sometime in December in the year 1826.  But so it is may it please your honours that at divers times during the time aforesaid, the said Joseph Furr in a most cruel and Extreamly and outrageous and Barbarous manner treated beat & bruised this petitioner till she was much injured in health, and finally in the month of December 1826 the said Furr after using and treating this petitioner in a most Cruel and barbarous manner pulled her bed from under her, threatened her life and made Esays towards taking the same or otherwise seriously injurying the petitioner and took all the property of personal kind from their residence and left the petitioner to shift for herself dependant upon better friends than her affianced husband.  This petitioner further states & Shews that when she was married the said Furr, he was not the owner of property to the value of one hundred dollars, while she was owner of property well worth one thousand dollars which the said Joseph Furr hath by dissipation & Extravagance in a great measure wasted and expended.  This petitioner now aged and wishes for nothing more than quiet and peace and finding her situation unpleasant and insufferable while living in any Connection with the said Furr She prays that she may be divorced form the said Furr, the bands of Matrimony between herself & the said Furr may be totally dissolved and nullified.  And that this Court will adjudge her such alimony as to them may seem reasonable & your petitioner will ever pray &c.
Charity Furr  late Charity Downing                

Wick & Cole Sols                         Copy Teste Hiram Alldredge Clerk S.C.C.

[*Note—Charity Furr & James Downing-married August 13, 1793 in Mason county, Kentucky
           —Charity Downing & Joseph Furr married February 20, 1816 Fayette County, Kentucky   —Barb]

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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