Circuit Court Book 40
Page 386

Carey  Wickliff
Clarrissa  C. Oldham

Box 373 
No 1526

Guardianship of Carey Wickliff

Carey Wickliff
Clarrissa C. Oldham

Petition to have guardian removed & to make report

            The clerk will issue summons requiring the defendant Clarrissa C. Oldham to appear and answer the within petition Oct. 29, 1892 being the 24 Judicial day of the Oct term of the Shelby Circuit Court.
D. L. Wilson Atty for petitioner
Filed October 18" 1892    J. R. Sedgwick Clerk

In Re Carey Wickliff
Clarrissa C. Oldham Guardian of Carey Wickliff

Answer of Guardian
Filed February 3, 1893     J. R. Sedgwick Clerk
Hord & Adams Attorneys

Circuit Court December Term 1892

            Comes now said guardian and answering the petition of said ward herein for her removal denies said allegations thereof.
Hord & Adams     Attorneys for Guardian

State of Indiana In Circuit Court
Shelby County SS Oct Term A D 1892

In the Matter of the Guardianship of Carey Wickliff a Minor

            To Hon Leonard J. Hackney Judge of said Court:
The petition of Carey Wickliff of said County, respectfully represents and shows to said court that one Clarrissa C. Oldham of said County was on the 17" day of March 1888 appointed by this Court guardian of Carey Wickliff a minor thereof of the age of 11 years as will appear by reference to the records of this Court; that since her said appointment as such guardian she has mismanaged the Estate of said ward, and neglected the duties of her trust in the following particulars:

First: She has filed no inventory of her wards estate.

Second: She has filed no report of receipts and expenditures in said trust as required by law.

3rd: Said Clarrissa C. Oldham was at the time of her appointment as such guardian towit: March 17 1888 ever since has been and still is the wife of one Granville Oldham; that at the time of such appointment, and before such appointment said Clarrissa C. Oldham failed and neglected to have her said husband consent to such appointment in writing; and she failed to show that her husband was a suitable person to act as guardian.

4th: Said Clarrissa C. Oldham has not given said wards property, which consists of about 16 acres of good land, any personal supervision, or attention whatever; that she has negligently allowed and permitted her said husband Granville Oldham, to tend and cultivate said land, and she keeps no account of the rents and products derived from the same, and does not keep the same in a good condition to make it productive.

5th: That she has had the use of said 16 acres of land for 4 years and should have received the rents from the same, that for said 4 years care she only charges herself with rents in the sum of $44.00 for the whole 4 years, when in truth and in fact there should have been charged more than double that sum.

            Wherefore your petitioner prays that on the final hearing hereof the said guardian be removed and her letters revoked, and that the guardianship of said minor the undersigned be committed to some other person, and that said Clarissa C. Oldham be required to appear and show cause of any she has, why she should not be removed and that she be required to make final report of her trust at once to this court and pay into the hands of the Clerk of the Court the balance due from her for other proper relief.
Carey Wickliff

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18 day of October AD 1892
John R. Sedgwick     Clerk Shelby county        


Shelby Circuit Court

Carey Wickliff
Clarrissa C. Oldham Guardian

Summons Returnable 29" day of Oct 1892 24 Judicial day Oct Term 1892

            Came to hand October 18, 1892 at 5 o’clock P.M. Served this writ on the within named defendant by reading to and within her hearing, also by delivering to her a certified copy of same. 
                            October 19" 1892                             Wm. McDougall Sheriff

State of Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
            The State of Indiana, to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to summon Clarissa C. Oldham to appear in the Circuit Court of Shelby County, before the Judge thereof, on the 19" day of October 1892, the 24: Judicial day of its October Term, 1892, now being held at the Court House in Shelbyville, County of Shelby, and State of Indiana, then and there to answer the complaint of Carey Wickliff for the Removal of Clarissa C. Oldham as Guardian of Carey Wickliff a minor, and requiring her to make Report &c and of this writ make due return.
            Witness, the Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof hereunto affixed at Shelbyville this `8" day of October 1892
John R. Sedgwick Clerk S.C.C.        

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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