Lewis  and  Frady

Shelby Circuit Court

John Lewis, Guardian & Merit Frady & wife


Joseph S Gregory & Catherine A Gregory


Returnable 4th Monday
of February 1845~~.

BOX 32

This is an action of
waste Damages
one thousand Dollars

Sheriff  fees
Service __ ___       $.75
traveling __ 13 mi    .78
Returning __ __       .10

    No 2      6 Day
    No 4   3rd Day
    [Mar or Nov]  5 1846

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana }  The State of Indiana to the
Shelby County so }  Sheriff of Shelby County

                      Greeting ~

                          You are hereby commanded to summon  Joseph S. Gregory and Catherine A. Gregory to personally be and appear before the Judges of the Shelby Circuit Court On the first day of their next term to be holden at the Court house in Shelbyville in and for said County of Shelby on the fourth Monday of February 1845 and then and there to shew cause if any they have or can shew why they have committed waste and distruction in the following lands and tenements bounded as follows to wit commencing at the South West corner of section two running thence East Eighty rods to a stake thence North one hundred and Eight rods to a stake thence West Eighty rods there so South One hundred and Eight rods to the place of beginning, in Township Eleven North of Range five East in said County as they are therein complained of by  John Lewis Guardian of the persons and estates of   Sarah Lewis   John Lewis  and  Martha Lewis  minor heirs of William Lewis  dec and  Merit Frady and Mary Ann Frady his wife to the Damage of the said plaintiffs in the sum of one thousand Dollars.
And have you then [illegible] thine this writ.
Witness Jacob Vernon Clerk of the said
            Shelby Circuit Court and the seal thereof             
            hereunto affixed at Shelbyville the
            2nd day of December A.D. 1844
                     (Sign.) J. Vernon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The State of Indiana to the Sheriff of Shelby        County, Greeting
     YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED TO SUMMON   Samuel D Sandefer,  [?] Brockman,  Easton Shipps [?],  Joshua Shipps,  James Sandefer, Jr.,  James Harding,  Wm L. Alvooo[?],  Wm. Shifpp,   Lewis G. Todd,  Samuel Brockman

To personally be and appear before the Judges of the Shelby Circuit Court, on the third day of the next term, to be holden at the Court House in Shelbyville, on the fourth Monday of February next, to testify on behalf of the Defendants in a certain cause therein pending, between,  John Lewis Guardian of  Wm Lewis heirs,  Merit [?] & Frady  Plaintiffs and  Joseph S. Gregory & Catherine A. Gregory  Defandants
And herein they may not fail at their Peril.  Have you then there this writ.
WITNESS,       JACOB VERSON,    Clerk of said Court, this 23rd                        
                         day of December 1844
                                   J. Vernon,

Transcribed by Mary Harrell Sesniak

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