Box 424
Disposed of October Term, 1885
No. 2230

Samuel Hamilton

Chester Gordon
& Geo W Howery

Complaint On Note
Demand $75.00
Filed Sept 26, 1885
A J Gorgas, Clerk
Fee Book W


SUMMONS -- Circuit Court
                    The State of Indiana, to the Sheriff of Shelby County, Greetings:
         You are hereby commanded to summon
                          Chester Gordon
                          George W Howery
to appear in the Circuit Court of Shelby County, before the Judge thereof, on the
  8   day of   October 1885, the   4   Judicial day of its
Oct   Term, 1885, now being held at the Court House in Shelbyville, County of
Shelby, and State of Indiana, then and there to answer the complaint of
Samuel Hamilton on Note
Demand, $75.00
and of this writ make due return.
              WITNESS the Clerk of said Court, and the seal thereof hereunto

affixed at Shelbyville, this 26 day of
Sept 1885
A. J. Gorgas
, Clerk S. C. C.



Sheriff's Fees.
MILEAGE,    160
SERVICE,     70
COPY,        25
RETURN,      10

Came to hand Sept 28" 1885 at 10 oclk AM
Served by reading to and in the heaering [sic]
of the within named Defts. and by re
quest of Howery I delivered to him
a true copy.
Sept 28" 1885

/s/ James Magill
S. S. C.


State of Indiana  }
Shelby County    } Shelby Circuit Court
                               October term 1885
Samuel Hamilton
Chester Gordon and
George W Howery
                               Plaintiff complains of the Defendants and says that heretofore towit--: April 8th 1885 The Defendants executed there note for fifty Dollars payable to the Plaintiff ninety days after date in and by the Sbyle [sp-?] of S Hamilton at his Banking House in Shelbyville, Indiana.  without relief from valuation on appraisment Laws with eight percent interest after maturity and attorneys fees a copy of which Note is herewith filed and marked Exibit [sic] "A"; that said note is due and wholly unpaid.  That a reasonable attorneys fee is Twenty five Dollollars [sic] wherefore the Plaintiff demands Judgment for seventy five dollars and all other proper relief

Adams & Michener
Attys for Plaintiff


Exhibit A is a copy of  two notes for $50.00 each.  They are signed April 18, 1885, by Chester Gordon and George W. Howrey.  The slip of paper is 8" wide and 3" long, preprinted for "Samuel Hamilton's Banking House, Shelbyville, In the State of Indiana."  It is recorded as No. 10740, Due July 17/85.

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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