Kennedy  vs  Coalscott

Order Book
Common Pleas 12
page 217

          Robert F. Kennedy, Norman S.  }
          Byram and Edward G.                 }
          Cornelius.  et al.                           }

815                 vs.                                     }  Civil Action.
          William H. Coalscott                    }
          and Ralph Coalscott.                    }

                          Comes the Plaintiff by  Davis and Wright  their attornies and file their Complaint herein with the appearance of the Defendants and their waiber of the Service of process entered thereon, which Complaint and Waiver aforesaid read in the Words and figures following to wit-- (here insert)  And thereupon come said Defendants, and now on motion and by agreement of the said parties, plaintiff and Defendants ['on file' is inserted here-pmf] a Judgment is rendered in this Cause in favor of plaintiffs and against said Defendants for the Sum of Eight hundred and Seventy nine Dollars and forty seven Cents, being the Balance of principal and Interest due on the Note mentioned in the Complaint, collectable without Relief from Valuation or appraisement Laws.
It is therefore considered by the Court that the plaintiffs do recover of and from said Defendants the Sum of $879-47/100; as per Agreement aforesaid together with their Costs and charges herein laid out and expended to be collected without Relief from Valuation or appraisement Laws according to the Tenor and effect of the Note in Suite ---
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Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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