State of Indiana                                    Shelby Juvenile Court

Shelby County                                      September Term, 1913

Petition of  Elsie Steining  to have
Ella L.,  Thelma  L.,  John W.,  Mary F.,
Harold  H.  and  Goldie Fern McDonald
to the Gordonís Shelby County Childrenís Home.

       Comes now the State of Indiana by her Prosecuting Attorney, John C. Cheney, and comes also the above named children, and this cause is now submitted to the Court for trial, and the evidence is heard and the Court being fully advised in the premises now finds that the facts alleged in the petition are proven and are true; that said children are neglected children; that   Ella L. McDonald was 13 years of age June 20, 1913;   Thelma L. McDonald was 11 years of age August 20, 1913;   John W. McDonald was 9 years of age Feb. 5, 1913;   Mary F. McDonald was 6 years of age October 3, 1913;   Harold H. McDonald was 4 years of age March 22, 1913;   Goldie Fern McDonald was 2 years of age April 14, 1913:  The Court further finds that it is of the best interest of said children and each of them that they be made wards of Gordonís Shelby County Childrenís Home.

       It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said above named children be and they are hereby committed to the care of the Gordonís Shelby County Childrenís Home, and that Sheriff Henry S. Terry is ordered to take said children to said Home at once.

       I, Otto L. Coyle, Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court do hereby certify that the above is a true, complete and correct copy of the order and decreed of the Court as appears of record in the record of the Juvenile Court of Shelby County.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto subscribe my name and affix the official seal of this 9th day of September, 1913.

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver
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