The  State  of  Indiana
Samuel  Fisher

State of Indiana         X     State of  Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
           vs.                  X     Charge:  Assault
Samuel Fisher          X     Before:  Stephen Tucker
                                                       of Moral Township.
                                                       August 27, 1886

          On this 27th day of August, 1886 Samuel Fisher did, at the County and State aforesaid Commit an assault on the person of  James Browning by striking and beating said Browning contrary to the form of the statues in such cases made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the State of Indiana.
          Whereupon I issued a warrant for the arrest of said Fisher to James Foster, Constable, who returned the same served by arresting said defendant and bringing him into court, this 30th day of August, 1886.  Costs, $.90.

/s/  James Foster, Constable

          Subpoena for witness for plaintiff served. Costs, $.95

/s/ James Foster, Constable

          Comes now the defendant, and being arraigned for plea says he is Not Guilty.

(Trial By Court)

          This cause coming on to be heard upon the evidence adduced, the court finds the defendant guilty, and assesses a fine against him in the sum of three dollars and the costs herein taxed, at $5.50 and accruing costs, and that said defendant stand committed until said fine and costs are paid or replevied.

/s/ Stephen F. Tucker, J.P.

          December 11th, 1886, Satisfied in full.

/s/ Stephen F. Tucker

          Reported to treasurer Jan. 3rd, 1887.

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver

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